My Video Gaming Days are at an End for Now

So, this is gonna be a shitty blog post. But I need to explain whats going on so folks kinda understand.

Over the last 6 months my hands, specifically my index and ring fingers, and my thumbs, have been having issues. After prolounged use at work, or after about 30 minutes to an hour of playing games / using a controller / mouse+keyboard, they start to hurt. If I keep going, the pain magnifies.

I talked to my doctor about it a few months ago, and he told me that the tendons in my fingers / hands are tightening from overusage. Basically, I am overworking them and its becoming hard to use my hands. Resting them, heat, and some exercises help to lessen it however. But there is no fixing it. I can’t take most pain killers cause of medication interactions, so those are right out as well

I have tried a variety of things to help ease it. The biggest one is something my wife came up with: taking an Icy Hot patch, cutting it into strips, and literally lining my fingers / hand with em. I have been doing this right before I go to bed, and it helps tremendously…as long as I dont try to play video games.

Typing at work is a tad different then gaming, when you think about it. With gaming, you hold your hands in specific positions depending on how you control it, and you tend to tense up a bit. You can’t help it. When typing your hands are moving all over the place.

I have found it takes longer for my hands to start hurting at work now. I can usually manage about 4-5 hours of constant work (I do call center stuff so endless typing / data entry) with typing before the ache sets in. Then after 8 hours of it, my hands hurt quite a bit, I go home, have a hot shower, and then relax. By the time I go to bed and put the patches on the pain is pretty well gone, and the patches help keep things limber.
Then I wake up and do it all over again. 5 days in a row. 40 hours a week.

By the time I get to the weekend now the last thing I wanna do is touch a game. I know it will hurt. This past saturday (4/22/17) I tried to play Hearthstone, a game that ONLY uses the mouse, and managed an hour before my right hand started hurting. And it didnt stop for about two hours later.

I will no longer be doing my wrestling streams, for example. Setting up the cards / matches requires me to use a controller for about 30 minutes. After 15 minutes in a position holding the controller the ache sets in. Its not bad, but after 30 minutes its enough to make me not want to touch it. So I am going to avoid it.

Basically, video games are a no for me for a very long time. A friend of mine has told me he had similar issues. He had to stop gaming for nearly a year to get his hands to settle back down, and let things limber back up. And thats prolly where I am heading. And I may never play video games again (which SUCKS let me tell you)

On the plus side, this leaves me more time to work on things for Tabletop RPGs, like homebrewing a world, running DND games, ect. Nothing major, I still don’t wanna type too much at home. But its something.

Hell typing this up has made my hands hurt a bit. Then again I am at work so they kinda already were. At least I know now when I get home I have some relief.

Thats life. It sucks at times. But all we can do is adapt.

An Experiment Begins

So yesterday, I released a new video on my youtube. No I will not be linking it.

Thats the experiment ya see! I want to see what happens with my views without promoting my video at all. Not here, not on twitter, not on Facebook ect. Zero promotion. Just my subscribers and youtube search results driving traffic.

Now, generally you should expect 10% of your subs to view your video within its first week of going live. For me, right now, thats 31 views. At the time of this blog post, I am at 28 views total after 17 hours (roughly). No idea how many are subs vs non subs though. Won’t know that till Sunday.

This so far is showing me what I kinda expected: My twitter followers and whatnot dont really care about my videos. And that doesn’t bother me. I got nearly 1.7k followers now on twitter (And how that happened I got NO FUCKING CLUE) and if we assume 30% are bots / promotion machines, that leaves 1190 roughly that are humans. Thats kinda nuts.

I have a feeling folks follow me on twitter because of my Tabletop RPG ramblings.

So until further notice, I am not going to be promoting my videos. Or my channel. Or my Patreon. Or anything really. Each entity (blog, twitter, facebook, ect) will be its own litte bubble.

Lets see what happens!

The Patreon Poll

Ok so I got a video coming up on Thursday, 3/30/17 talking about this, but I figured I would go ahead and post this, and ask for some opinions. I had a poll on twitter but I realized I cannot really explain my “plan” if I was to go ahead and do this.

In short, this is a poll about me opening a Patreon for my youtube channel, Terminally Nerdy. You can find the channel right here if you had no idea where it was.

Lots of folks have Patreons. Its the new “hotness” as it were. I have been waffling off and on for a while about if I should open one, if people would support it, hell what I could offer as perks / reward tiers.

Here is what I have come up with, if I were to do it:

There would be a single tier of $1, and it would be Per Episode instead of monthly. I release an episode every 2 weeks, meaning a Patreon could, at most, be charged $3 a month (March for example had 3 episodes release).

My only primary goal would be $20 an episode.

What would a person get for that $1? They would have access to a Terminally Nerdy discord channel. They would have the ability to vote on future episode topics and help me decide my release schedule. They would help determine what gets reviewed, and in what order (to an extent). Also, if I hit my goal of $20 an episode, then every month I would take some of that money and use it to purchase a set of dice or maybe a tabletop RPG book of some sort, and have a giveaway that only Patreons would be eligible for. Maybe do a Q&A video every month or something I dunno.

The money itself would be used to do things such as upgrade my PC (so I can keep up with the latest RPGs for review), pay my Net Bill (upload speeeeeds!), and buy products for review purposes such as new books, dice, terrain, ect.

Thats really all I got.  Thats all I really have TIME for to be honest.  I have had a few suggestions such as higher tiers but I dont have anything to really offer for them.

So the big question is: should I do this?

Please, go vote here in this strawpoll and let me know: THE POLL IS HERE!

Patreon: Thoughts and Musings

As I get nearer and nearer to 300 subs on Youtube, I start to ponder where I should be going with it. Granted, my recent shift in focus to RPG content in general seems to be perfect. People love my RPG stuff (I think?) and I am doing well overall.

I think one the coolest things I have gotten into is reviewing RPG products. Recently I released my first review, on the campaign setting the Ice Kingdoms, and it was (I feel) pretty well received. I got a few more things to review already, and I really enjoy sharing these products. Its also easy to do (For me at least).

However, I have one limiting factor in all this. Its the same thing that limits me upgrading my equipment such as a better camera, or getting new games for reviewing, and so on.

Its money.

Now Patreon is a BIG THING in the internet world. Its basically crowdfunding artists and creative types. I know a ton of people who have em, and for a while I even backed a couple (minimally, had to stop cause, well, money!). Hell I even have seen a guy create a patreon before he even has a prodcut / show / blog / anything! Its a big deal. Popular folks even live off patreon like it was a full time job (Which given some creators, it actually is!)

I like the idea of patreon as well, personally. I like the idea of the fans of something / someone helping to support it. I love how fans can pledge as much or as little as they want, with limits built in. I like how Creators can have rewards for pledge levels, goals, and even setup if its monthly or per “creation”. I have had a few folks I know tell me I should create one… But the fact of the matter is, I don’t know if I should.

Most Patreon accounts have reward tiers. Stuff like “Pledge $10 an episode and get a free sticker!” and shit like that. Thing is, when thinking about my own show / videos, I dont really have anything to offer. I have no merch, although my wife is working on a shirt design at the moment, I have no time to do things like game nights and the like. I just dont have anything to offer BUT my work. It seems silly, and a bit rude, to ask for cash for no other reason then to do so.

Then there is the issue of reach. I have roughly 290 subs on Youtube, 1500 followers on Twitter, and a smattering of folks elsewhere (here on the blog and tumblr ect). I seriously doubt any of the folks following me would in fact support my weird ass little youtube endevour for no reward at all.

Granted, all I would use the Patreon money for would be things to support the show. Stuff like more products to discuss and the like, maybe giveaways and things. Or paying my net bill (cause I need to keep my upload rate!)

I dunno. Just thinking out loud I suppose. Sometimes I need to do this so I can put my thoughts on paper.

What do you think about Patreon?