So I promised a video…

And here is it. This is the update video, with a dash more information and such, as well as my plans going forward with my youtube channel and some further announcements.

I also discuss my brief time so far with running the Pathfinder Iron Gods adventure path. I find that I have a much easier time now running prepublished stuff vs homebrew, but I will get into that in a future video.

Some Announcements #dnd #youtube #important #rpghandi

So I have been pondering these last few days about my YouTube channel, where its going, and what my aims are at the moment.

I realized a few things about it and I wanted to make a little announcement. Most folks who see this will be from Twitter, and those who are on YouTube will get an update video next week mixed in with my Pathfinder game Play Report.

First, one of the big things that has occurred recently is that I went from 173 subs back in January to 238 as of today. That’s a jump of 65 subscribers, and its all because of a particular video that I did that Mr Matthew Mercer (voice of Mcree and DM of Critical Role) retweeted. So that happened. Thanks to all those who followed and subbed by the way, hopefully I don’t disappoint. The video is found below.

Next, I wanted to talk about where my channel is going, content wise. Originally, my channel was going to be a place to talk about all the different nerdy things I enjoy such as movies, music, gaming, and reading. However, its really ended up being focused on gaming. With RPGs being the specific sort of gaming. I mentioned in my personal discord server that I was thinking of going full RPG on my channel, and I got the following comment:


Ya know what? He is right too.  Although as She-Wolf on twitter pointed out Ghandi was Hindu not Catholic so ya know, whatever.

I do talk about RPGs a lot. Both video games and tabletop rpgs in fact. My most popular videos are the ones talking about DND, and my most popular streams are the RPG based ones.

I guess I am #RPGhandi (although #RPGBuddah makes more sense, given my size). Thanks Zardoz on twitter for that hashtag lol I claim that btw I am now #RPGhandi hehe NAMASTE

So this is a formal written announcement that from now on, my channel is going to be focus on both video games and tabletop RPGs. Streams and Vlogs both.

Finally, and prolly one of the biggest things here is this: My DND Retrospective Videos are going on Hold. One of the things I told myself when I restarted my Youtube channel was that I would only do things I found fun and that I enjoyed. And I like doing Vlogs and I like streaming, but I found that I really am not a fan of doing these structured and edited reviews, especially of games I just don’t like playing. It feels like a waste of time. Further, these videos have the least amount of watch time (ie total amount watched) and while they have more views that only because I stick em on Reddit. If I didn’t, I doubt they would have anywhere near the number of views. The watch time might be better though.

I think I still want to do a few more Retrospective Reviews, but I want to focus more on STYLE rather then just sheer number. And I want to take my time with them as well. 8 hours is an unfair amount of time to spend with a game when it might last 20-30 and to judge it on that and then review it is kinda shitty to be frank. So for now, until I make a decision on how I am going to handle them, I am putting those on hold. I may never do another full review styled thing for them either. Sorry if you enjoyed it. I just don’t like making em.

So there ya go. If you have any questions just comment here, or when I do my update video next week feel free to comment there.

Thanks for reading and watching and all that jazz folks :D



A world created by British author Terry Pratchett which contain a variety of funny and interesting novels.

There is also a MUD based on the world created by good ol Sir Terry. The MUD is what we will be discussing today in my little review here.

As a note, a MUD is a text based online RPG, think the precursors to the modern MMO. Everything is written in text. Don’t be afraid, its like playing an interactive book at times. You use commands (look, kill “name”, north, ect) to perform actions.

I have been playing this single MUD off and on since 1998, back when I was in high school. I have tried numerous other MUDs, including some of the bigger ones like Aardwolf, Genesis, and the IRE Family of MUDs and no matter what, I always end up coming back to the Disc. Why you might ask?

Well for a variety of reasons. Lets break down what makes the Discworld MUD unique, and why I think anyone who is looking for something fun and different should give this world a try!

Unlimited Growth and Character Building:

The single biggest factor, for me, is their unique character growth and advancement system. This game has 6 guilds (Priests, Wizards, Witches, Thieves, Warriors, and Assassins). Those guilds are broken up into specializations which determine what your guild skills are, and possibly what abilities or rituals you have access to. For example, the Priest Guild has one set of skills (The Faith Tree) but each god gives its priests different rituals.

This game uses a skill system rather then class system for advancement. Skills are broken up into Trees (Fighting, Faith, Magic, Covert, Crafting, Adventuring, People) and further broken up into types. For example, if you wanted to get good at swinging a sword, you advance Fighting.Melee.Sword. You use Experience Points (XP) to advance in your guild, or to learn from other players.

You gain XP by doing pretty much everything, and XP is the currency you use to advance a skill. You get XP for fighting and killing NPCs, performing spells or commands (Such as stealing), and just being logged in. With money you can train those skills in your guild to their maximum, and if you have no cash or are trying to go beyond what your guild can teach you, you can teach yourself or learn from other players.

Your guild and speclization determines the skills you can advance to level 300. Here is an example of one of the Warrior Specializations, the Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard:

However, nothing stops a player from advancing non guild skills. Lets say that fighter there wants to be able to use Wizard Spells! Well, he just has to advance his Magic skills up. However, once his guild trains him as high as they can go (5 levels max for non wizards in Magic btw) he has to go and learn from other players, most likely a Wizard of some sort. I play a priest, and if I wanted to learn to steal I can simply by training my stealing skill higher. Basically, your guild has unique commands / spells / rituals for you, but you can diversify to your hearts content, and there is no max level to a skill. Your guild can teach you to 300, sure, but some of the long time players have skills up in the 800+ range.

Your skill level determines your bonus, and everything in this game works off these bonuses. Higher is always better. The sky is the limit with these skills!

A Huge Player Driven World:

The world is, no joke, massive. Tons of areas to explore, and find secrets, do Quests for XP and Cash, own property and run your own store or have a house, play board games, become a Player Killer and have PVP fights (and steal from each other and all that jazz), events that occur both guild specific (such as the House Games of the AM Assassins Guild or the Witch Trails) or general, such as a monthly sight seeing event in Ankh-Morpork.

All the guilds are Player Run as well, each branch having their own rules and codes of conduct. Cities frequently have player councils, deciding laws and even court cases and such.

There are even player run Newspapers you can read! Or write for (and get XP and Cash for that!) Nevermind the sheer size of the world. Here is one of the major cities in Thumbnail size

That city is surrounded by terrain by the way that you can wander. Also, this game is fairly populated, compared to many MUDs, with an average 70+ players on at most times of the day. The player base is mostly american and UK.

Tis a Silly Game:

At the core though is the humor. I mean lets take a look at the gods the players can worship, as an example:

Pishe: Goddess of Slight Showers and Healing
Gapp: God of Fine Clothing and Fashion
Gufnork: God of Fluff and Fluffy Things
Sandelfon: God of Corridors
Fish: God of Fish
Hat: God of Unexpected Guests (and Parties!)
Sek: Seven Handed God of Destruction!

The player base tends to take a silly view of things as well. Assassins in AM tend to wear pink underwear, and other such nonsense. There are RPers (I am one) but mostly the world is about having a good time, eating lots of pie (them WIZARDS!) and just enjoying each others company.

Overall, the Disc has been around for over 20 years now, and its still going, still active, and still a ton of fun. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To play simply visit and click the Play Now link to open the Java client!

If you do decide to play don’t fear the game, there is an extensive tutorial town for you to wander in safely, as well as a NEWBIE channel to use. Also you can browse the official wiki ( for more information, and once you join a guild the players of your guild will be happy to help you. Hope to see you in game. If you do join, I am called Vranick.

My Giant Episode List Has been Updated!

For those who want to see what kind of videos I have been making, not including my gaming livestreams, you can now check out my Handy Episode List which is up to 18 total videos! Thats not too bad. Episode 19 is coming out tomorrow, so that should be fun as well.

I also removed a few topics from my topic lists that are already done, and added one new idea. I don’t have the DND retrospective listed there yet either as I am not sure if I should or not. That whole thing is its own special beast.

Here is to 2017, a year of videos and fun! Stay nerdy folks!