CCG’s Anger Me

And I speak in regards to just about every CCG in existence today. They make me angry. Magic the Gathering of course was first… but most assuredly not the last. Now a days it seems like every anime and every little TV show is getting a CCG. Its maddening. Most of them are not very good and are a waste of the cardboard they are printed on.

I admit, I played Magic for a long time, I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years, and worked my way from Mirage and 4th ed up to the Guild saga (Ravinca), on and off for those 5 years. I had a large amount of cards, but I didn’t go to tournaments or any of that nonsense.

However, now the CCG world is populated by things like Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh!, Shaman King, World of Warcraft, Initial D, ect ect. For a full list, click on the post title (it will take ya to Wikipedia).

What is honestly the point anymore? I mean, the World of Warcraft game ties into the MMO, which is an interesting endevour, and with the loot cards adds value (but given how rare those are its not suprising to see em go for like $600+), but games like YuGiOh! and Magic need to just give up the ghost. Its over guys, stop.

I mean, how many more versions of the Serra Angel and Bird of Paradise are you gonna make?

What would I like to see? I would like to see CCG’s evolve in some way. The Eye of Judgement, for the PS2/PS3 was a step in the right direction, but from what I understand it no longer exists. I am going to have to research it further. In the end its time that CCG’s just end. Magic needs to be retired, but I doubt that will ever happen.

And these companies need to stop coming up with card games based on anime/tv shows, like the Avatar Card game.


2 thoughts on “CCG’s Anger Me

  1. 2xKnight

    Wizards of the Coast try to keep Magic:TG interesting, but they’re not always successful. If a set doesn’t interest me I just don’t buy it. There’s always hope a couple months down the road that something cool will pop up. I don’t see any reason for ’em to stop.As for Shaman King, it was a manga first. I believe it first appeared in Shonen Jump. Which means the toys came later. A lot of stuff from Japan is like that.Transformers is a franchise based on toys. But some of the toys were based on cartoons and such. They needed to clear out a warehouse of toys so they took similar products from different toy lines and gave ’em a story. Thus Transformers were born.


  2. Rick the Wonder Algae

    So, I guess you don’t remember the 80s too well. There was this big saying, bandied about by adults at the time that “Cartoons are just 30 minute commercials.” As a kid, it used to infuriate me that the legitimacy of my precious cartoons was being called into question….So… Um…. recently, I’ve been getting nostalgic and doing some reading about those cartoons (comic books too) seems… Well… a FEW of them…. Um…. Came into existance…. AFTER their product line had been sitting on shelves for a while and wasn’t selling well.So…. I guess you were right Mom…Why is this relevant? How many of these CCGs are spinoffs of crappy cartoons, and how many crappy cartoons are advertising medium for CCGs? We KNOW Pokemon was an advertising medium for a video game (and it’s been going back and forth ever since), but how much do we really KNOW about Yu Gi Oh, or Shaman King or the one that’s got the fighting tops tie-in? They’re from Japan aren’t they? Those CCGs could have been rotting on the shelves for YEARS until they revived them with those shows and introduced them to a new hungry little audience.


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