Welcome to the world of One Angry Gamer!

Why on earth do I call this place The One Angry Gamer? I guess thats cause you would call me that. I am an angry person I will happily and readily admit. I am angry alot about politics, the world, idiots, stupid people, drivers, and various other bits. In addition to that, I am a gamer and nerd. I play Dungeons and Dragons (I DM), I have run Exalted games (Both Dragonblooded and Standard) and I also play Warhammer Fantasy Mini’s, in addition to PS2 and Gamecube, and PC games.

Not much of a console gamer, more of a RPG Nerd really. But I do enjoy me some PC games.

A little about me, being my introduction. I am 25, Married to a wonderful woman, I live with my wife and a roomate in Orlando Florida. I work for EMBARQ doing email support (but you wont hear about my job here, I love it and dont have any issues with it!)

What do I intend to talk about in this blog? Well, this is my blog dedicated to both video games (console and pc) as well as MMO news, and Tabletop stuff. I may link or post about adventures my little gaming group goes through, I may post about things that make me angry as well.

If you want to know about my personal life though, thats what the other 2 blogs I have are for!


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