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This post is brought to you by the word “blah.” Why do I say this you ask? Because of the article (title is the link) regarding the game producer Morgan Grey’s comments about remakes. He thinks we need MORE remakes. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am about sick of remakes, game or otherwise.

An example of these remakes are things like the new Tomb Raider Anniversary edition. I didn’t like the original, and I am not gonna like the “remake” which according to that article for example is simply a reskinned nearly exact version of said original.

Bad games are still gonna be bad games, no matter how pretty you make em. Remember Frogger 3-D? I do… *shudder*

What the game industry needs to focus on is innovative idea’s and new things. I don’t wanna see rip off’s of other games. The last couple of decent games I have played are Okami, and Guitar Hero, and when I think about it Guitar Hero isn’t all that original. Its just a music game like DDR only with a different focus (hands rather then feet).

What are your thoughts and opinions on game remakes? Personally I feel they hurt the industry rather then help. You need to just focus on new things, cause thats what I think most gamers really want.


5 thoughts on “Game Remakes…

  1. Birgit

    Square does seem to be sorta driving the FF remakes into the ground a bit; it was nice for me, at first, because I never got near any of them, but by the fourth new version of 1 and 2, it’s like…”why?”. That being said, “getting to play games you never had access to” is a nice thing – for some people those remakes might be old games, but they’re new to them. That some of the remake releases are games that were never, originally, released in the states is the high point of that – Rondo of Blood? Yes Plz! I guess if it’s games that’re hard to get, in high demand, and the company’s doing new stuff and not just spending all their time on remakes they have a place, although sometimes it does get old. (Konaaammiiii…remaaake Siiileeent Hiiilll 1…..*COUGH* anyway.)


  2. Rick the Wonder Algae

    Alright- First, Frogger was a freaking classic. Swallow your tongue before you speak ill of Frogger young man. Not only was it INCREDIBLE and a best seller for it’s day, it was also the FIRST game to display digitized pornography in public arcades!*Now, regarding remakes: Both love em and hate them. Love them because they’re the only way (short of tracking down illegal translated roms) we realisticly have of playing some old games. While I DO have my old Nintendo lying about, and I DO get the hankering to play the original Final Fantasy from time to time, I’d rather not stress the ancient beast when I can play the Playstation remake…Speaking of Final Fantasy remakes, the Gameboy advance Final fantasy remake is a shining example of why I HATE remakes. Some remakes take a game that you WANT remade so you can see what the game was like, or wallow in nostalga for a bit, and basically crap all over it. They “update” everything (read: make unrecognizable), add a bunch of “new” content that’s half-assed garbage, and remove the very things that make you want to play the game. Remember in FF when you inspected the well in Coneria? “See your face in the water. How dirty! Come! Wash your face!” What does the Playstation Remake say? The exact same thing. What does the Gameboy remake say? “There’s nothing in the well.” or something equally inane.I was overjoyed when I heard they were remaking FF3 (not FF6, which was released as FF3 for the SNES in America, FF3 which had heretofor only been released for the Famicom) for the DS. It’s the only FF game I’ve never been able to play… Until I heard what they were doing to it. New 3D graphics. New characters. New cutscenes. New story. New mechanics. New jobs. Yadda Yadda Yadda. So, if I play this game, can I ever say “I’ve played FF3”? No. I guess I can’t. Here’s the kicker: Could they, with it’s 150k program size, include a faithful translation of the original game on the cart for people like me with minimal effort on their part? Why yes, yes they could. Why didn’t they? I can only assume it wasn’t a big personal “Fuck you” to me, so I can only guess that they simply don’t understand WHY someone would buy a remake. It’s not so they can play a completely different hacked up game, it’s so they can see what they missed or relive those carefree days from their childhood. *You think I’m kidding? The original build had another frog (white) that would occasionally appear onscreen. The instruction mode explained this was the “female frog” and to “jump on her for points”. While jumping on her didn’t bring any computerized smut, it did generate some VERY suggestive sounds from the machine.


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