Ok this is too much.

While scouring the net for things to rant and/or rave about, I came across this little gem. EQ and EQ2’s parent company SOE has developed and deployed a TCG/CCG….built into the MMO itself. Instead of buying real cards you spend real money on digital cards, and then fight people with your cards online, with an interface built right into both EQ and EQ2. And you can even challenge players between games. An EQ player can go up against an EQ2 player right from the interface, and there is talk of tournaments and such built right into the interface.

I say thats a bit much. I mean come on, one company does it and the rest start jumping on the bandwagon. WoW’s card game is decent, but its like the rest, a money sink. Spend money to make your deck better. I will admit that in a moment of weakness I purchased 2 starters, and honestly I was not impressed. I even got a halfway decent card, the Arcanite Reaper. Thats it. Whoo hoo? Not really.

It makes me angry this sort of thing does. Its like “Dur they did it so lets do it but make it digital! Ya then we wont look like copy cats dur!”

At least its innovating, but as far as I am concerned its still stupid. Monetarily though I will say its a good move. Given how obsessed some MMO players are, they will eat this up, and from the sound of it they are. $3 bucks a booster…with random cards. Unless they have a way to sell cards or trade cards between players then that means if you want a specific card you need to sit there and keep buyin boosters till you get it. Smart, yet annoying.

What do you think of this? Do you think it was a smart move, a stupid move, or a smart move but you still hate it?


5 thoughts on “Ok this is too much.

  1. Taylor

    *Shrugs*Square-Enix had for $1 a month you could play Tetra Master. That was all you paid, you got more cards by playing more.But we also have to remember this SOE. The same company that was considering launching servers in which it was perfectly legal to buy in game currency directly from the company. I don’t know if they ever went through with it. But yeah SOE = Money Whores


  2. Rick The wonder algae

    I mean, I’m pretty sure there was an add-on program to play the card games from those FF games online against other players. I’m not 100% sure because I never DID it (didn’t enjoy the games all that much)


  3. Clayton

    You are right, 9 and 8 both had card games, but I would not go so far as to say they were true TCG’s, as you didnt play against other human opponents or even spend money on it.EQ is actually charging you $3 of real money per booster. Thats alot different then kill X number of beasties and getting the card to drop. Maybe if they did a free TCG with that style (kill loot go) it might go over alot better (but net them a whole lot less money)


  4. Rick the Wonder Algae

    FF…9? 8? both? yeah, both did this already. At least I THINK they did. Not only were they making a digital CCG, but they weren’t even a MMORPG! Of course, THOSE you had to get some other program to play the in-game CCG against other players, but the principle is basically the same.


  5. Sy

    Yeeeaaaah, I just don’t like card based games in the first place. The fact that its digital doesn’t make it any better in my book… unless it was free. Which it’s not. So I know *I* won’t be giving any such digital card games a second glance. /shrug


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