Console Game Review – Bioshock

Today is our first Console game review, and I am going to review a game that I really like: Bioshock. Truth be told I have only played the PC Demo, however that was enough. BioShock for the 360 is very much the same as the PC version so the differences, if any, are minor.

In Bioshock, you play an unnamed protagonist. Some people I believe call him Jack, but in reality you are unnamed, and the reason behind that is they want you to feel like YOU are the protagonist. The game starts with your character crash landing in the ocean, flaming wreakage all around you, and thats when the game actually starts. You can see in front of you a lighthouse on an island, and you swim yourself to it, and enter the dark antechamber…and then you enter Rapture.

The concept behind the game is your character must fight his way through Rapture, a place torn apart by a revolt that happened when peopled addicted to Adam, a substance that allowed genetic modification, attacked those who did not use, or used it very sparingly. The whole place is run by a guy named Andrew Ryan, and the concept behind Rapture is that every person is entitled to the fruits of their own labor. Very Anne Ryn. (Get the names, Anne Ryn, Andrew Ryan?)

Gameplay wise you have your normal collection of weapons such as a pistol and machine gun, with various ammo types that you can find or actually create to use with them. Some ammo is of course better then others.

Then there are the Plasmids. Genetic modifications that give you abilities like Fire burst, Lightning Bolt, and Spring Trap are just a few of the crazy options. To get access to the upgrades though, you need Adam, and thats where the Little Sisters come in.

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Click on the Image for a full sized version (Creepy huh!)

You see, Little Sisters are little girls who go around with these huge needles and extract used Adam from corpses, and they are protected by Big Daddies. CREEPY. Let me say that you find them in the demo, and when you do, you will wonder how you will EVER deal with them.

All in All, BioShock is an amazing game, even for an FPS. It has plot, substance, deals with interesting issues, and is graphically amazing.

4.5/5 is my score


3 thoughts on “Console Game Review – Bioshock

  1. Anonymous

    Big Daddys are Cake.Zap em with your Plasmid. Or if you have it. Load yer Electric Shot into your Shotgun. Things go down fast, the Electricity stuns them for a couple of seconds.


  2. Taylor

    One beef about Bioshock.No Multiplayer! At least for the 360. This game would be a 5 in my books if it had Multiplayer…Only real replayability value on the Xbox is playing it again to either save or kill all the Little Sisters, and to look for the hidden plasmids. But really, the only reason you would do this is if you are super anal about the acheivement points that anything. Would be a completely different story if you were doing this to WTFPWN the others in Multiplayer.My Verdict. Rent it for the weekend, wrap it. Maybe pick it up when its in the discount bin.


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