Rant of the Week – Movies based on Games

Silent Hill, Mario Brothers, Resident Evil, Doom, BloodRayne. These are all movies based on games with the same name, and in most cases, they either are simply sharing a name, or take parts of the source material. But in almost all cases, these movies suck. HARD.

This bothers me greatly, and in some cases (Doom, Silent Hill) just pisses me off instead of just bothering me. Alot of the movies that are “based” on games simply take the source material and, for lack of a better term, rape it. A good example of this is, in my opinion, the movie Doom.

In Doom, we have a bunch of marines, one named Sarge, who go to a installation on a Mars Moon. So far, its pretty similar. However, one of the big points of Doom is that the creatures are Demons from Hell. In the movie, its genetic monsters created by the gene for aggression being boosted somehow.

It goes from being Doom to, as I call it, “Resident Evil in Space”. Yea. I loved the game Doom. I HATE the movie.

Another gem is the movie Alone in the Dark. It shares the name from the game, and claims to be based on the game. Other then demons running around, it shares nothing with the game itself. And, if had a different name, it was STILL a bad movie.

One I don’t mind TOO much was Silent Hill. The reason I did not mind Silent Hill so much was that, while its plot was change in parts (Mother instead of Father being the “hero”, crazy religious folks instead of demon worshippers) the actual visual style of the movie was very Silent Hill. It was a freaky movie when the walls started to peel away and stuff. CREEPY. But even it too was not a full on conversion.

A movie that is coming up which has me shuddering is the new Dungeon Siege movie. Its being directed by our old friend Uwe Boll. Who is this you ask? Well, he directed such gems as Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, and House of the Dead (Another poor remake). Apparently he is even working on a BloodRayne 2, Alone in the Dark 2, and a FarCry movie. Oh joy. More tripe and horribly movies from Uwe Boll.

I think Penny Arcade said it best when talking bout Uwe Boll.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Image Courtesy of Penny Arcade

So, more about the actual Dungeon Siege movie. All I should need to say is this: The main character, played by Jason Statham, is called Farmer, and is, guess what…a Farmer.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Farmer the Farmer…..


So in conclusion, yea, I hate movies based on video games.


2 thoughts on “Rant of the Week – Movies based on Games

  1. Rick the wonder algae

    Video games and movies are like that couple we all know (or did. At least figuratively). You know the one: they’re bad for each other, they tear each other down, they don’t really help each other all that much. We keep asking ourselves: Is the sex that good? Can they just not find anyone else?It’s not just movies made from video games that are awful. Video games made from movies are often just as bad. I think we need to have an intervention for those two. Does anyone have a sister that VideoGames could date? How about one for Movies? Mmmmmmm… personified entertainment concept lesbian makeouts….


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