Website Review – Treasure Tables

Today is our first entry into the Gaming Website review column. Todays website is the one that really inspired me to do this blog: TreasureTables. What is TreasureTables you ask? Its a blog/wiki/forum run by a man named Martin Ralya, who is a freelance writer and fellow GM, who created the site as a place to assist other GM’s and as a repository of GM information. One of the best features of the site, in my opinion, is the Forum, where various GM’s come together and share stories, idea’s, and various tips and tricks.

I myself am a member, under the name of Clayton. Hey its my real name and I didn’t feel like being creative so there! Currently there are several sections to the Forum, such as GMing Questions and Answers (where GM’s ask each other a myriad of questions), Publisher Dialog (where some indie publishers post news), and of course the always popular, and very new section entitled Not Dead Yet (which is our OOC section).

Next, there is the GM Wiki which Martin and others have worked very hard on to keep up to date with as much information as possible to assist GM’s with anything they might need. I have used it a few times, most notably on my discussion about various Mapping Software (Which can be found here).

All in all, TreasureTables is an amazing GM resource, and I thank Martin for all the hard work he has put into it. I heartily suggest you check it out if you are a GM or even have thoughts about becoming one. You will not be disappointed.


One thought on “Website Review – Treasure Tables

  1. Martin Ralya

    Thanks for the kind words, Clayton!I’m glad you dig TT, and I appreciate the site review. Our forums are fairly small, so it’s always good to hear from someone who gets a lot of mileage out of them.


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