Marble Mania! Its Crazy!

Another day, another review eh? Today is Thursday which means its time to review yet another Console Game. What shall I be doing today?

A Wii game known as Kororinpa: Marble Mania. Neat game name isn’t it? Despite its very strange and somewhat hard to pronounce game name, Kororinpa is an interesting game for the Wii, and uses the Wii’s controller in a fun way.

The basic gameplay revolves around a marble. You take said marble, and attempt to get it from one end of a maze like level to the other. How is this done? By tilting the world! You tilt the WiiMote and by doing so, tilt the enter level. You are in fact not moving the marble directly but rather the stage itself. You can, if you flip the WiiMote over, invert the whole stage. I used this to cheat past an area that held me up for a good 5 minutes. The goal of each maze like level is to collect all the orange crystals before reaching the exit portal. There are also green crystals that you can collect to unlock secret stages.

My only complaint is the games shortness. After 45 levels the game ends abruptly, with probebly the worst credits I have ever seen. There is a mirror you get for beating the game, but all it does it switch the pathing of each level from right to left. The levels are divided into 4 groups of 10, and one final group of 5. The first ten are the garden levels, then come the candyland levels. Next are the City levels, and then the Toyland levels. Finally there are the Night City levels, which are simply reskinned versions of the city levels for the most part.

Graphically the game is nice. The music is also very decent, except in the Toyland stages where it begins to grate on my nerves.

My overall thoughts on Kororinpa? It harkens back to the old Marble Madness days, but in a good way. A solid rental, but I wouldnt purchase it. Its plauged by frustrating levels, repeatativeness, and in some cases its shortness.

I give Kororinpa: Marble Mania 3/5.

Also one of my blogging friends Liza has found out that Hectatomb, a strange looking TCG, is going to be no longer in production after the next expansion. Head on over to her journal and have a look at the article.


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