My Top 13 Games!

I am going to participate, at least this week, in something called The Thursday 13. Since this is a gaming blog, today is what I consider to be my Top 13 games in general. This is in order of best to worst ;) But all games on here are worthy of being played.

My 13 Top Games!

1. Tales of Symphonia – RPG for the GameCube. I love this game, its story, and most of all its battle system.
2. Diablo 2 with LOD Expansion – Its a classic what can I say? Easy and addictive gameplay!
3. World of Warcraft – Millions of Subscribers can’t be wrong here.
4. Arcanum – While it has its flaws, the setting more then makes up for it.
5. Morrowind: Eldar Scrolls 3 – So open ended sometimes its just easier to get lost in the game.
6. Guitar Hero 2 – ROCK THE HOUSE…BIG TIME.
7. Final Fantasy Tactics – Dear god I can play this for hours and not even realize it.
8. Ragnarok Online – I don’t why I like this game honestly. Its simple, and repeatative…but like it I do.
9. Final Fantasy 6 – known as 3 for the SNES. Probebly in my opinion the best of the series.
10. Breath of Fire 3 – My favorite of the series, and the first RPG I ever beat without a gameguide.
11. Grand Theft Auto Vice City – PC Version. I used to hack the car data file and make my favorite car weigh 50,000lbs and be indesctrucable.
12. Taiko Drum Master – Another music game, but this one has ya banging on a drum. Fun stuff!
13. Earthbound – An RPG for the SNES. Words cannot describe the fun of this game.

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There ya go. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “My Top 13 Games!

  1. Rick The Wonder Algae

    Earthbound was fantastic, wasn’t it? Now that you’ve reminded me of it I want to break it out and play it on the weekends with my daughter.Here’s an interesting tidbit. Earthbound wasn’t the first game in the series. It was a sequel to the game “Mother” for the NES released exclusively in Japan. You can find a translated rom named Earthbound Zero. It’s got all the fun quirky graphics and sound and the same kind of bizzare plot full of weirdness that you would expect.


  2. Samantha_K

    Final Fantasy Tactics reminds me of my ex-husband. I’m afraid to say I never progressed much past regular Mario on the old NES…I did kinda get into Jak and Daxter though…yeah, I’m a loser, I know.Happy TT!


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