Neski-Rock and Roll

What do I mean by Ninten-Rock and Roll? I mean things like the The NESkimo’s, and the The Minibosses, among other cover bands. Today’s Surprise Sunday deal with Video Game Cover bands, or bands who take video game music and turn it into something else, namely rock. So I am gonna go ahead and cover the various bands, focusing on one at a time. These “reviews” will pop up randomly on Sundays.

Today I am gonna take a look at the NESkimos. I love these guys, and thats not just cause they are Florida boys either. They quite literally rock and roll. Currently the band members are Dr. Wily, Johntendo, and Dylan. Here is a nice picture of them, courtesy of Excel of the NESki-Forums

Click on the image for the full sized image

Dylan is the one on the left, Wily is in the center, and Johntendo is the one of the right. The dude flipping the bird I think is Excel…I think 0_0 You would have to ask. I never said I knew EVERYTHING about these wierdo’s!

The NESkimos have done quite a few songs as well. They have covered Bionic Commando 3, Super Mario Brothers, Punch Out, Mega Man 2: Air Man, Mega Man 2: Bubble Man, Castlevania 2, Legend of Zelda (Various parts) and more.

These guys are amazing. Their music is also free to download.

If you like metal, and you like old school NES music, then give The NESkimos a shot.

Feel free to stop by their NESki-Forums as well. If you do, tell em Stomphoof sent ya. That should make things even more interesting.


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