The Hidden Citadel

One of the things I tend to have an issue with when I GM is adventure idea’s. I can thing of the big picture, but when I start to try to think of the smaller details and each adventure section, I come up blank. So, one day I sat down and started to look around the web for places that dealt with GM assistance.

And I found Strolen’s Citadel.

What is this place you ask? To quote their own website:

We are an online, interactive, searchable role playing resource for game masters, storytellers and players. We provide a friendly place for the sharing, commenting, and voting on user submitted role playing game elements to include plots, npcs, locations, items, creatures, entire settings and much much more. We major in Fantasy role playing, but there is more than swords and sorcery here. You can find resources to fit into almost any role playing genre or setting to include things from Science Fiction all the way to Westerns. We try to avoid game specific material, and instead lean towards what can be easily adapted to most any role playing system. Also, don’t forget to explore the forums and the chat where you can join in a discussion or a role playing game in progress. This free role playing site continues to grow with your help, so join our role playing community, read our material, post a few ideas, and go play.

Whats this mean I am sure you ask. Basically, its a huge GM Database. Full of various Locations, NPC’s, Systems, and even Plots for use with just about any game system. They like things to be kept system neutral on this site, so that regardless of which system you play, you can find what you need. Here are some good examples of various entries, and what I am talking about.

Larrens Creek: Location by MoonHunter

Void Golem: Lifeform by Siren no Orakio

The Sanctuary of Sumuho: Dungeon by Dozus

The Spirit Never Dies: Plot/Dungeon by Ria Hawk

See? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this place. On top of that, Strolen’s Citadel has a Forum and a Chat Room where the members gather and discuss ideas and other fun things. They also do contests called Quests. The last Quest that they did was called the 5 Room Dungeon and its how I found the site. Heck, I was one of the winners! Go me!

All in all, Strolen’s Citadel is an amazing GM resource, and a great community. They are welcoming, easy to get along with, fun, and interesting. Come join us!

I give Strolen’s Citadel a 4.5/5


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