You gotta Set the Mood there buddy!

When GMing, I am one of those people who tends to have no distractions, mainly because I myself have ADHD. Its a pain in the butt, but I need to do it otherwise I myself will be like “Oohhhhh WHATS THAT!” However, last session I decided to try something. I wanted to listen to some music while we played, and I wanted both my players to be able to hear it… so I hooked up my PC, got my speakers ready, and put on the Arcanum Soundtrack, which is, in my opinion, very much with the adventuring and danger and such.

It actually seemed to add to the mood, so I was curious. Do any of you, when you GM, use music or props or even video to add to the mood of the scene? I myself have, coming up, a cursed carnival, and I asked a friend of mine who makes electronica and techno music compilations to try to make me something freaky for the game. I want to mess with my players heads…mwhahahahaha

I do know one thing though: Make sure that if you are using music for an example that it goes with the setting and the scene. In my case, I found that the Arcanum music was dramatic and in some cases strange, which lent to the mood of the scene – crawling around and wandering around a pitch black abandoned temple with undead in it. I would not have used heavy metal like Killswitch Engage during this time period, as it would not have made sense.


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