Yoyoyo its E-Thug! The Internet Gangsta!

Today’s rant is something a little close to home for me. Its about what I like to call Gamer Thugs or Gamer Bullies, or the infamous Internet Gangsta. What are these you ask? These are the people who berate, torment, mock, torture, and belittle other gamers who they feel aren’t as awesome as they are. Forum trolls are a good example of this breed of person.

I hate these people. They do nothing good for the gamer community and in fact just reinforce negative stereotypes. In some cases, these people even go beyond in game attacks and actually start harressing people in public. Arcade Bullies are an example of this. A good thread was recently started on the 8 Bit Theater forums regarding DDR Players who harress others. That thread, and the reason below, is why I am posting this.

The reason I mention this is close to home? For the last 3 months I have had a guy harress me via World of Warcraft, repeatedly. Recently I quit WoW thanks to this retard. He went so far as to try to find out my personal information, and address for some wierd reason. Talk about creepy stalkery behavior. And I will be happy to say, if I ever got my hands on that little creep I would inflict so much pain upon his tender flesh that his grandchildren would feel it. I cannot stand these little e-thug’s and retards who do nothing but make the game a pain to play for others. Any of these, from the CS Freaks who call anyone just starting a stupid noob to the DDR retards who think that being able to step really fast is awesome.

So yea, dont be an E-Thug, or a Gamer Bully. Its sad, annoying, and does nothing but make other people think gamers are retarded.


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