Its not about who you are…

Its about who you want to be. Thats the slogan of The RP Site, a site dedicated to forum RP, and today’s website that is up for a review. The RP Site is an interesting place, headed up by a man known as Egonboy, aka Steve Burkland. Its a nice place, and is home a large community of gamers. Today I am going to focus on 3 aspects of the site itself: Community, Setting/Plot, and Character Creation.

First up is the Setting and Plot. There is ALOT of work put into this aspect of the site. Its been around for about 4 years now, and I myself have known about it for about two and a half. The basic setting is a world where it merged partially with a realm of demons, and a creature called The Lord of the Flies has invaded with his demon army. Beyond that, the plot changes each year. They actually do a total reset each year, reseting the board back to a new incarnation and making everyone start over. The reason for this? To keep things fresh I suppose. Each time they do a reset, Egon changes how the plot and world interact. As far as world is concerned, they have split the board up into sections, each part representing a different area of the world. There are 22 different boards, representing different area’s and countries. Each of those boards has 1-10 subboards, which are area’s within that area or country. They even have a World Map where you can click on an area and get taken to its boards.

I give its setting and plot a 4/5 rating.

Next is the Community. Most of the people on this forum are great, and its one of the few reasons I come back after I leave (more on that in a bit). The people are generally friendly, accepting of all sorts, and are made up of the strangest bunch of people I have met. THere are a few assholes, and retards, but its a forum and you have to deal with that.

I give the community a 3.5/5

Finally, the biggest aspect next to the setting and plot is Character Creation. This is where The RP Site fails in my opinion. The main man behind the rules for character creation, and the head reviewer of the bios is a man named Craer. Now Craer is an ok guy, as long as you arent making a character. The basic way character generation works is as follows:

Make a character, post a topic in the Bio’s board, and wait for your reviewer to pop up. Generally they will have an issue with your character and ask that something be changed. You change it, wait, and it keeps happening until you are finally left with a character that the bio review likes, and then you are approved for roleplaying. They are very much into the system of “Strengths and Weaknesses must be the same number.” IE you have 5 strengths you need 5 weaknesses.

Now why is this a big deal or a big failing? Its the way they handle it. Most of the reviewers are nice to start, but if you disagree with them, they get downright nasty. Insults, condescending tones, and other various derogatory comments appear. Craer himself has stated he likes to open Bio Reviews up with an insult. In fact, in some of the reviewers cases, the first post they make will be insulting and condescending, as if you are an idioit.

This link – Character – is a perfect example of this. Comically enough, this is a character my roomate made on her own volition, to test the site out. She wanted to see if the site was as cool as I said. Needless to say, she did not stick around as they demanded weaknesses when her character had no ability in combat.

This goes to show ya just how distrusting the Bio Reviewers are, until they get to know ya.

NOw, funnyily enough, if you are known well on the site, you can get away with more. For example: I am nearly famous for some strange reason on that site for a character whose name was Bruiser. Bruiser was a Hulk Knockoff. Truely, I got the idea watching the Hulk movie. Just made him smarter and not green. He could lift 3 tons one handed, and if the weapons were magical they had little to no chance to really hurt him. The only weakness he really had was he was slightly slower at a walk/run then a human, and took double magic damage.

That doesnt really stop a guy who can fling a car at you and then using his really powerful legs launch himself like a rocket at ya. I also made sure he was designed to take a beating. I didn’t dodge attacks, I just ignored most of the damage they caused.

Basically, this character should NEVER have gotten past their system…but he did. And I was allowed to play him because they trusted me to not God Mode. (For those who dont know, God Modding is basically acting like nothing can beat you and RPin that way, dont do it, you would just be a dick).

I give the Character Creation system a 1/5

So what does this all mean? Basically, if you can make it through the Character Creation system (which my roomate likens to pulling all your teeth then jamming them back in randomly, but without novicane), you will find a place that florishes with RP, and a group of general players who are really friendly and helpful.

I give the The RP Site a grand total average score of 2.8/5


2 thoughts on “Its not about who you are…

  1. Anonymous

    All in all, an interesting review, I’d say. Lets all of us newbies who’ve never really heard of it actually know what the site is like.


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