Headlines in Gaming News

Just some brief headlines today –

Radical Entertainment has created their first original video game. These are the people behind Simpsons Hit and Run, and The Hulk games. Apparently the new game is called Prototype and features a shape shifting anti hero. Whats with all the anti-heroes man?

The online game The Incredible Adventures of the Amazing Food Detective is teaching children good habits. This is always a plus. Using a game to teach shows that games are more then just BLAM BLAM I KEEL JOO. Hopefully more interesting developments will occur.

Finally, a man is killed in a shooting involving a game. Now whats stupid is its cause one of the guys lost, and they got into an argument. What kind of nonsense is that?! Apparently the shoot claims he did it to protect him and his family…but thats a bit extreme dontcha think?


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