This is Halloween!

Sorry for the delay folks! I recently came into possession, thanks to a contest at work, of a free XBox 360 Arcade bundle. No Harddrive or anything, but hey, it works and gets me started with a new system.

Anyway, today I wish to share something with you that has been haunting my nightmares. I found it thanks once again to Treasure Tables, and I just had to share it. I like to call it the Man Squid…or the beginnings of the Mind Flayer threat!

I give you….the MAN SQUID!

Freaky ain’t it! So today’s GM tip / advice deals with using things like this from real life as inspiration. For example, I could see this as being a god to Mind Flayers for example, or perhaps an evolutionary dead end…its mouth speaking in draconic tounges.

Disturbing. So look around in life, and you can find all sorts of inspiration. Like the Man Squid!

And yes, its real –


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