EN World, Home of the Ennies!

What is EN World and what is an Ennie I bet you are asking. Well, if you are not a tabletop gamer like me who surfs the web looking for news and such, then I doubt you ever heard of EN World or what they do. EN World is a place where D20 news is collected and posted, as well as a gathering place for gamers via forum and chat, and a shop as well. EN World currently is probebly the best place to go for 4th Edition news, as alot of their members scour the WotC Game Dev blogs, looking for tasty tidbits of news and information. Beyond this, the site doesn’t really offer much, however it does boost a large and fairly decent community and does support d20 gamers, as well as provide new and interesting advetures and some neat tools.

I give EN World a 4/5.

Oh, and an Ennie is an aware they give out to what they consider some of the best in new gaming products and fansites. I hope one day to win an Ennie myself, so if you go there, make sure to nominate me.


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