No Gaming news, but I got news!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend. I realized something on Sunday, and its going to change my update schedule yet again. I work Saturday’s, and because my coworkers are so damn lazy, I am stuck doing most of the work. This leaves me little time for anything else, and when I get home I am all sorts of braindead and want nothing to do with a PC.

And Sunday is the day I get to spend time with my family, as my other day off is spent running errands. So from now on, there will be no posts on Saturday or Sunday. The new update schedule is over in the side bar, and you will notice that Friday’s are now the Surprise day. So on Friday I will post rants, or website reviews, or anything else.

Also, there was no real gaming news that I could find this morning! BAH SAYS I!


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