Welcome to Hellgate!

Ah yes, since the game has been released for purchase I can talk about it. Today’s PC Review is about Hellgate London. And the easiest way I can describe Hellgate London? Diablo 2 in 1st/3rd person and a sci fi setting. Thats is literally what the game is. If you have played Diablo 2 I almost guarentee the game will seem similar. Amazingly similar.

Graphically, the game is a tad…bland. Everything at least to me, looked exactly the same. After going to the overworld twice and realizing I could have been a block away from where I was before, just sorta made me go blah. And then the maintenince tunnels that they use for everything. Wooo hoo another maintenience tunnel! Go me! And dont forget your subway tunnels! Lots of those!

Beyond that, the game is decent. Gameplay is easy to get used to, is very MMO ish, and each class has its own strengths. I picked the Engineer, and had a blast as I shot rockets and had a robot fire rockets thus making every pack of enemies just sorta keel over. But, truth be told, the game play and story and even the setting were…forgetable.

I give Hellgate London a 2/5


One thought on “Welcome to Hellgate!

  1. Rick_TWA

    Oops! Sorry, I forgot about your site for a while. Glad you haven’t done the same. :) All in all, I share your reaction to Hellgate 100%. My buddies were chatting it up like it was the next big thing, but all I could see was Diablo 2 re-skinned badly. Now, don’t get me wrong, Diablo 2 was and still is an awesome game, but I can no more get into Hellgate than any of the othe cheap knockoffs that bought the engine as soon as they could get their mitts on it and made clones. Sure, it’s in 3D but the implimentation of the 3D ruined one of D2’s big strengths, the random levels (yeah, these levels are random too but they needed to use smaller units or modular modules or something so you don’t see the same damn burned out building three times on the same street) In addition, there’s a lot of room for upgrades/additions/improvments that they DIDN’T make. I WANT to love Hellgate, and I will… When they make Hellgate 2 and get it right.


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