Whats this? Shakey Monster? Nope its Cloverfield!

Ok, this has nothing to do with a video game, but has plenty to do with me being farking mad! I went and saw Cloverfield last night, late showing at like 11:15pm with my wife, our roomate, and our friend. It was…bad. Well, bad is not the way I would describe it. I can’t really describe it cause I spent a good chunk of the movie with a headache and the feeling of wanting to hurl.

Yea, the camera is bad. Jittery is a good word for it, and is not strong enough. Just THINKING about it makes my head hurt ugh. The characters were very cliched, the camera work was BAD (and done ON PURPOSE WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE RETARDS FUCKIN THINKING?!) and there was very little explanation. It had so much potential, but was ruined by guys who have seen the Blair Witch Project a few too many times I think.

If you watch the trailers, you expect to go see a Monster Movie, in the vein of Godzilla and the like. What you get is a character drama, and a poor one at that. The characters are so freakin cliched and stupid that I was rooting for the monster! Not that you ever get a good shot of him cause, once again, jittery and bad camera! The camera guy is farking stupid (And named HUD, LOL).

If you like Monster Movies, don’t waste your time. This is a “emotional drama” hidden as a monster movie.

They should have put a warning label as well – People prone to motion sickness / epilepsy should not come view this movie. I swear someone is gonna go into an epileptic seizure from this stupid movie.

What a waste of $10.


4 thoughts on “Whats this? Shakey Monster? Nope its Cloverfield!

  1. Anonymous

    Hud quote: “Hey, guys, wouldn’t it be REALLY scary if, like, a burning homeless guy just ran out at us through the tunnel!”This had me in hysterics.


  2. Anonymous

    The camera was shaky in only a few of the scenes. And the camera wasn’t half as shaky in most action movies.Oh, and there was a storyline, if you actually payed attention to what was going on.This movie is in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If it followed the generic monster movie storyline of “Spoon feed all the details to the characters! Stop the monster and everyone lives happily ever after!” You’d be complaining that they didn’t do anything more original.And how does using the same filming style make this unoriginal? Does that mean every movie that ever used a camera is ripping off the first movie?No other monster movie shows you how people would ACTUALLY react to this kind of event from their own perspective.Oh, and to the first anonymous poster: It’s not the movie’s fault if you take your epileptic wife to a movie that’s bound to be full of different kind of flashing effects.Seriously, what’s wrong with you?


  3. console patrol

    I agree completely! This movie had major potential and they ruined it with stupid shakey camera crap. It was original for the Blair witch. The actors were cliched and the guy holding the camera should be killed. His comments were so retarded. This movie is for frat boys who don’t read. The story is flatter than Keira Knightly s chest.I think they planned it on purpose. It was a 90 min trailer for the actual movie that will come out in 2 yrs.


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