I am the Milkman…

My milk is delicious and will destroy the lies. I know I haven’t posted in a while (been busy with WoW, got my Shaman to 70 and am now going through Kara!), but I wanted to mention a game I just recently go my hands on.


Sure, its an old game, but an amazingly fun game. I got my copy via Steam, and have been having a blast. Its a fun mix of adventure styled gameplay, along with platforming action. The story is also amusing. Without giving too much away, the basic premise is you are a kid who has gone to a Psychic Summer Camp, and get dragged into a crazy madcap plot and must save the campers from a madman.

The best part of the game is going into peoples heads. You actually enter peoples minds in this game, dealing with figmenst of their imagination, emotional baggage, and mental cobwebs. Yes, these are all things you interact with.

If you can, download the demo, which you can get via Steam. And do your Basic Braining.

Remember folks.

I am the Milkman. My milk is delicious, and will destroy the lies.