Foodie Site Wut?

I started a new endevour with a friend of mine that is going to be taking up most of my time from now on.

This endevour is called “Furious Foodies” and is a site that is going to be devouted to the Orlando Florida Dining Scene. I will most likely never update this site again.

However, you are more then welcome to check out my other site.

Have a look!


Little Help Requested

So I have decided to get a handheld gaming system finally. I am set on a Nintendo brand one, either the DS or the SP. I am not sure which however. My conundrum stems from the fact that a I want alot of the games that are for the Gameboy Advance. A few of the others are DS games that I would like.

The DS plays GB Advanced games, where as I can get a SP system used for like $30 bucks, which is 1/4 the cost of the DS.

Which would you buy if you were me?