The Start of something New

Alright well I did it. I created a new blog for video posts called “The Retro Gamer”. Now obviously the name says it all but for those who are curious, the mission for this blog is this:

To play old school games, such as those from the Playstation One and further back and talk about them with a fresh look. This includes PC games as well.

There are alot of games out there that are “classics” to some people and not to others. I hope to go through these games with a fresh perspective and talk about them, and maybe convince some people to have a look at them. Who knows? Perhaps people can be shown the magic of older games!



I have been thinking of trying something out and I wanted to guage the interest of people who actually read this thing.

I want to move from text reviews and text posts to video. I have this nifty Nikon digital camera which takes some halfway decent video, and wanted to move from text to the world of live video! I am just not sure if people are interested in that to be honest.

With text, you can take your time and easily read. With video you have to sit and watch this person yammer on. Perhaps I shall post a “test” video and see what kind of response I get.

That sounds like a plan.

Thoughts on 3.0

So Patch 3.0 for World of Warcraft has come and I have had about a week now to play around with it. I have some thoughts on it of course, some good and some bad. The biggest “bad” was of course the huge pet/mount bug that occured. What happened I am sure you are asking!

Basically, they changed the way pets (non combat ones) and mounts work. Instead of taking up item space they are now learned as spells. This is a good thing as it means that you can free up inventory and bank space. However, a bug occured where you would learn the spell, use up the item, but not actually learn anything. This would basically waste your mount or pet! In some cases, people lost extremely rare pets or mounts, like the Amani War Bear (if you play WoW and know what ZA is then you know what the bear is).

The good? Faster leveling again, which makes it easier for me to level my hunter so I can make a Deathknight come Wrath. New talents and spells made things REALLY easy. A friend of mine is in a guild that just fully cleared the Sunwell for the first time a week before the patch hit. They struggled with the final fight against Archimond. However, post patch? 1.5 hours and full clear.

So 3.0 brought good and bad. I am also still steamed that Stormwind got its own harbor and the Horde only got some towers. Freaking Alliance.

WoW Patch 3.0

So apparently today, Oct 14th is “patch day”. The day in WoW where they add a content patch, and this one is a doozy. This is the masterful, important, amazing, patch 3.0

What is patch 3.0? Its the pre Wrath of the Lich King patch, which means that its going to contain all pre level 70 information, including new talents, new spells or skills, its including the Inscription profession, and so on and so forth. Also, alot of the item changes and system changes are included in this patch, to give everyone a chance to really get a chance to work with em.

I am kinda looking forward to it, mainly so I can mess around with the new shaman talent Riptide. But this is the big day. Alot of people were waiting for this, myself and my wife and roomate included.

Of course I gotta go to work but when I get home I am gonna check it out!

Starcraft 2: 3 games?

For those of us who are Blizzard nerds, we all know about Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 and the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King, and of course the allmight all powerful event known as Blizzcon. What got announced however at Blizzcon recently was that Starcraft 2 would be made into 3 seperate games.

How does this effect us as gamers? It means that we gotta buy each game in order to get all 3 races. Basically they are taking the 3 races (Terran, Protoss, and Zerg) and making a single game for each one. By doing this, they hope to make each campaign more “epic” and more focused on that races story. To me, it sounds like a marketing ploy. For example: I prefer to play as Protoss. According to the current release schedule thats gonna be the LAST race to be released, which means I gotta wait to play as them.

This is annoying to me. Also, if I want access to the other races I gotta buy THEIR game. The multiplayer component hasn’t been changed, but they did say apparently that some units would be single player only as they are unique. Regardless, Blizzard has made its choice, and we as gamers are gonna have to live with it.

But I am now offically annoyed.

Portal Prelude

So for those of us who have been living under rocks (I include myself in this), this statement will be news.

Portal: Prelude is out. What is this you might ask? Its an unoffical mod to the original game of Portal, and is supposed to tell the story of a Pre-GlaDOS era of Apeture Science. There will be science to do, I assure you! Basically this game was written over the course of 9 months by a team of 3 people, although most of the work was done by a single man named Nicolas “NykO18” Grevet. He dreamed up this game and in his own words he said he wanted to make something that was more then “just another map pack”.

I have not downloaded this game yet, but I will be doing so this evening. I will have an actual review of it up as soon as I beat it. But for now, you can download the game here.

Other Angry Nerds

Hello, gentle readers. Today I would like to talk about 2 other Video Game Reviewers, mainly The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Spoony Experiment. Both of these gents review games in their own way, via video. If had a decent video camera I might do the same, and perhaps with my current job I will be able to do that. We shall see.

Regardless, I wanted to talk about both these particular reviewers and how I feel about them. Why? Because I can! Thats why!

Lets start with The Angry Video Game Nerd. I have watched a good chunk of his reviews and he has a lot of them, starting in 2004 and going till now, and still going. I personally found out about him by watching a video on the Nostalgia Critics website. Apparently they are having some sort of feud or something, I dunno. (The Nostalgia Critic is gonna win boyz!) Regardless, I found that I didn’t really like the AVGN that much as the videos got older. At the start, it was simply gameplay video from various games with him doing narration, and it was fairly informative. But lately (for example, his Battletoads review) he spends most of his time doing really funky scripted stuff and it doesn’t seem realistic. Furthermore, it seems gimmicky and he uses ALOT of profanity. Now I don’t mind throwing around a couple of dirty words now and again, but come on. You can be intellectual while still ripping it a new one! I give the old AVGN stuff a 4/5 while the newer stuff only gets a 2/5 in my world. Its just….not funny anymore.

That brings us to my latest find, The Spoony Experiment. Once again I found this by browsing the Nostalgia Critics website and watched a review that the Spoony One did about FFVIII, one of the WORST Final Fantasy games in exsistance. He did a REALLY good and detailed review about the game (and it doesn’t seem done, I should check on it) that was truthful, informative, and funny all at the same time. And he didn’t need to use profanity! It was really cool! So I found his site, and explored it. He seems to have focused alot on Sega CD games like Sewer Shark and Make My Video, but the reviews themselves are witty and entertaining, and he himself has a very sarcastic sense of humour (like myself). Hell, my wife was getting a kick out of em and had barely any idea what he was talking about. I give the Spoony One a 4/5.

In the end, I am not the only angry nerd out there. And whether your tastes go into the profanity spewing scriptedness that is the AVGN or the more laid back sarcasm that is The Spoony Experiment I am sure you can find something. Or perhaps you like my style. I would hope ya do.

You are reading this you know.