Mega Man 9

While I said I probebly would not update this site but hey, news is news. Mega Man 9 came out today for the 360 and while I only got the trial version I swear its like playing the NES versions from ages past.

Sadly my skillz were lacking and I couldn’t get past part of Concrete Man’s stage, but tomorrow I will purchase the full game and pwn some face I swear. Look forward to an actual full review of this title, and once I beat Tales of Vesperia I will review that as well.


EDIT (Update) – Well in the trial version of MM9 I made it thru Concrete Man’s stage. Dear god that was tricky. I finally got my Platforming shoes back on so to speak.

I also made it thru the first 1/3 of Tales of Vesperia. So far so good.


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