The 4th Edition Barbarian

Thats right, a 4th Edition Barbarian. And yes, I mean DND. Now, I love me some 4th Edition DND. In fact, I think its the best edition to date, and I know alot of people both agree and disagree with me, but thats not what this post is about. This post is about the Barbarian.

Much like the Monk, Bard, and Druid, the Barbarian did not make the final cut to the first Players Handbook, but apparently will be making an appearance in the Players Handbook 2. Thats fine and dandy and all, but I am not sure I want to spend the money on another Players Handbook. Thankfully, it appears that Wizards is going to be doing a new thing where they post a build and we can playtest, much like they have done now.

So give the 4th Edition Barbarian a shot. It looks good to me!

A full review of my thoughts on 4th Ed is coming.


3 thoughts on “The 4th Edition Barbarian

  1. Ferox

    I haven't played much D&D since 4th edition came out and couldn't justify the money on books- did they really leave those core classes out of the players handbook? That's not impressive.


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