Portal Prelude

So for those of us who have been living under rocks (I include myself in this), this statement will be news.

Portal: Prelude is out. What is this you might ask? Its an unoffical mod to the original game of Portal, and is supposed to tell the story of a Pre-GlaDOS era of Apeture Science. There will be science to do, I assure you! Basically this game was written over the course of 9 months by a team of 3 people, although most of the work was done by a single man named Nicolas “NykO18” Grevet. He dreamed up this game and in his own words he said he wanted to make something that was more then “just another map pack”.

I have not downloaded this game yet, but I will be doing so this evening. I will have an actual review of it up as soon as I beat it. But for now, you can download the game here.


6 thoughts on “Portal Prelude

  1. corrin

    I’m a rock dweller, but my husband probably knows all about this. He’ll be impressed when I actually know what he’s talking about. Haha.


  2. Christina the coffee lady

    Good morning!…. I am sooooo totally not a gamer…. this is a foreign language to me. I did think you put the reviews together nicely in the previous post. I hope you enjoy your new game. Have a great day! Chistina


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