Starcraft 2: 3 games?

For those of us who are Blizzard nerds, we all know about Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 and the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King, and of course the allmight all powerful event known as Blizzcon. What got announced however at Blizzcon recently was that Starcraft 2 would be made into 3 seperate games.

How does this effect us as gamers? It means that we gotta buy each game in order to get all 3 races. Basically they are taking the 3 races (Terran, Protoss, and Zerg) and making a single game for each one. By doing this, they hope to make each campaign more “epic” and more focused on that races story. To me, it sounds like a marketing ploy. For example: I prefer to play as Protoss. According to the current release schedule thats gonna be the LAST race to be released, which means I gotta wait to play as them.

This is annoying to me. Also, if I want access to the other races I gotta buy THEIR game. The multiplayer component hasn’t been changed, but they did say apparently that some units would be single player only as they are unique. Regardless, Blizzard has made its choice, and we as gamers are gonna have to live with it.

But I am now offically annoyed.


13 thoughts on “Starcraft 2: 3 games?

  1. Ferox

    It’s not really fair. Being able to chose and play all races is one of the halmarks of such strategy games. I think it’s particularly unfair to new players who don’t know what race they prefer yet.


  2. daria369

    I’m not a gamer either but if things get really bad with one game, you can always play something else – with all the choices out there I’d guess there’s plenty to choose from…


  3. Diane Scott

    I’m not a gamer but my son sure is… and having to buy three games for different characters is not high on my agenda! While I love the kid dearly, these game prices are outrageous to start with. Yes, I can understand your frustration – from the money side!


  4. capybara

    Not being a gamer myself I don’t know much about this but it would not suprise me in the least if it was a marketing ploy and I can understand your anger.


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