The Retro Gamer Episode 1 – Introductions

The beginning of something new.  Something fresh.  Something…RETRO.


10 thoughts on “The Retro Gamer Episode 1 – Introductions

  1. corrin

    Oh gosh, my husband will be dragging all of his old gaming systems out of storage if he catches wind of this. We already have four set up in our living room.


  2. Diane Scott

    I think finding the right balance of words and videos is a good idea. Sorry, I must confessed being pressed for time, I’m opting to comment based on what I’m reading – sorry! But some people do love videos, so don’t give up on the whole thing :)


  3. Connie

    I like your idea. This will help me to understand more about gaming. If I can see what you’re doing and playing, who knows, you may get another gaming fan!


  4. Hellan

    I guess i have to agree with christina in that i prefer to read blogs rather than watch them, but for other people the opposite will be true.Good luck with it but keep the WOW posts coming too, it makes me look like i know what my partner is on about lol


  5. Christina thecoffeelady

    Well, Clay, I have to say, IMO… I would rather read. I don’t care for video posts or podcasts… they make me feel trapped. Normally, to be honest, I would not have watched your clip, but having put in this grandmas 2 cents…. good luck, I can see where there would be gamers out there who would be interested! That is not to say every visitor, I get enjoys my posts. Or that my favorite bloggers always post something that interests me! Take care!


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