TRG Companions of Xanth Parts 4, 5, and 6

Parts 4, 5, and 6 of my Companions of Xanth playthrough. What happens to poor Dug? Does he ever get out of his screen? Does Kim ever find out whats up with that merman? Does the solution actually WORK? Join us as we discover these things and more!


TRG Companions of Xanth Part 1, 2, and 3

Parts 1, 2, and 3 of my Playthrough of the game “Companions of Xanth” made in 1993. I am aware of the audio issue (I am also using a different method of audio/video recording) and I cannot fix it without redoing the audio ENTIRELY. So thats gonna be stuck for now, but future parts will be a fixed as I am gonna test out some stuff to figure out just WHAT is happening.

Magic Fingers?

Ok so the title doesn’t make a whole lotta sense for this post but it was the first thing to pop into my head. I recently got my hands on Icewind Dale 2 and Planescape: Tormet and unfortunately they did not have the manuals. Ahh thriftstores, how I love thee.

Anyway, I went online to hunt for the manuals and came across a website that I think all PC RPG Nerds should be aware of: Sorcerer’s Place. This place is a home for all things old school, and in some cases new school. It seems to focus mainly on Bioware and DND Styled PC RPGs, like Baulders Gate, Neverwinter Nights, ect.

They host a variety of walkthroughs and files, including the patches for some of the games. Thankfully they also host the manuals so I was able to nab em. If you like to play these sort of games give this site a look.

I give the site a 4/5 (Its design could use a little work, kinda clunky)


This Kid needs to be beaten. Seriously. And yes I suppose I am going to sound violent and angry, and in truth I am very very angry about this. In a world where violence is constantly being blamed on video games / movies, its stuff like this that makes it seem true. This kid claims to have shot his parents over HALO 3! Thats ridiculous. Insane. Idiotic.

And the craziest part? His father, who HE SHOT IN THE HEAD, wants him BACK HOME?! What on earth?! The kid needs to be put away behind bars or at the last into a mental hospital for evaluation.

*sigh* Looks like the world of gaming has been set back yet again by another psychopath.

GG Kid. GG.

(for those non gamers who read this, GG means Good Game. Usually used in reference to a good match in a player versus player game like, say, HALO. Although I doubt Halo players use the term.))

Steampunk and Murder and Mutants, OH MY!

So, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but my life has been kind of hectic, trying to find a new job and whatnot. Anyway, today I am here to talk about a movie based on a game, and one that as best I can tell does the game itself justice.

The movie is The Mutant Chronicles, based on the tabletop RPG system called, oddly enough, Mutant Chronicles. Funny how that works out eh? Well, I found this movie by looking up actor Ron Perlman and finding out what other movies and works he had been involved in. I found out about this movie and went “I gotta see this.”

Sadly the movie is not released currently in the US so I had to obtain it via other means. Once I did however, I was really pleased by the style and substance of the movie itself. It was interesting, engaging, and I enjoyed the actors. Beyond Ron Perlman you have Thomas Jane, Devon Aoki, and even John Malkovich. Man I would love to be John Malkovich. Hehehe.

The basic premise of the movie is a post apolocalyptic future, where resources are scarce and steam seems to be the power source of choice. The world is controlled by five Corporations who fight over everything. During a fight a horde of mutants from the bowels of the earth are released and its up to our heroes to go down, beat the crap outta the creepy muties, and save the world.

I feel that they portrayed the world setting and everything very well, and I really liked seeing Ron Perlman as something OTHER then a badass. He plays a freaking MONK in this movie. He only fights once, and during the fight he really looks out of place like he shouldn’t be there.

All in all I would heartily suggest seeing The Mutant Chronicles. If you have the chance to do so. I really think that the Movie Industry needs to release this stateside as it would appeal to ALL comic book / nerdy / geeky / horror movie fans.

I give it a 4/5