Earthbound Parts 10 and 11

Our adventure continues! Soon we will face the might of Happy Happy Village.

But first… Retro New Age Hippies!?


Champions Online Beta Contest!

I am a big fan of Superhero MMO’s. I played City of Heroes / City of Villains for a while. Never got a character to 50 though as the actual gameplay in that game is very very repeative. The missions basically devolve into instances of “Go here, touch this, beat this dude up” in the same maps over and over.

When I heard that there was another Superhero MMO in the works I was intrigued. Champions Online so far has lived up to what I had hoped. Total customization of my hero, a crazy array of of powers, and more classic MMO style gameplay.

The site ReRollz is running a contest right now, where they are giving away a total of 20 Beta Keys. 10 go to people with the best “Top 5 Reasons why I want to play Champions Online” list, and the other 10 are random to anyone who entered the contest. I entered but I won’t tell you as what.

If I get into the Beta expect to hear some news. Feel free to check it our for yourself.

A Couple of Things

So I just wanted to actually WRITE something here rather then just posting videos. Firstly, I am going to be doing a review of DND 4th Edition, and I want to focus on some of the “issues” people seem to have with the new edition.

Also, I am taking suggestions of games to do Playthroughs of. The next game has already been chosen, but beyond that I am all ears. Anything that was on the PS1 or an earlier console is game. Although I need to get a video capture card for the PS1 stuff.

Finally, you might have noticed that the web address for this site is different. Thats right, I actually bought the domain

I had thought about doing that for a while, but finally decided on doing it as I wanted to be more legit. I would like to spruce up this site but no NOTHING about coding. I also considered getting a free Forum from Invision or something but I doubt people would actually visit. I don’t think I have enough fans/viewers for that.

In the world of gaming: Been working on my World of Warcraft characters. Patch 3.1 hit WoW, adding Ulduar as a raid instance, and a bunch of other stuff. My favorite thus far is the Argent Tournament. That thing is fun. Its like being an old school knight, jousting and what not.

I was considering doing a playthrough or review of both Penny Arcade adventures. If you haven’t played them, I suggest you do. Even if you don’t like Penny Arcade, the games themselves, while short, are well polished and alot of fun.

I am also looking for a couple of fun indie games. I want to see what the web has to offer but its a pain to find the stuff. Once again, got any suggestions then hit me up. I was looking at Braid and a few others. But I want more.