Lands of Lore the Throne of Chaos Parts 1-5


Ghostbusting and Transforming!

Ok, so as I promised, here is a review and thoughts on 2 things. The new Ghostbusters game, and the Transformers movie. We shall start with the GOOD thing: The Ghostbusters game.

So, I ended up renting this game the day after it came out. I had the day off and figured I could start playing it and see how I felt about it. I hate buying brand new games only to discover I hate them (I am looking AT YOU FF12!) Anyway, I rented it and ended up starting it up later in the evening. It was an enjoyable experience.

Lets look at the opening. You are apparently a new recruit, and are never given a name. For once, a game comes up with a reason for this! Venkman doesn’t want to get attached to you, after what happened to the “other guy”. You are their Experimental Weapons Technician, aka the Guy who tests stuff that could blow you into New Jersey. Ehehehe…not sure I want that job. The voice acting was decent, save for Venkman. Bill Murray seemed sorta…wooden at the start. As the game progressed he got better. Each character was well written, which I would expect given this game was written by Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd. As I played, I honestly felt like a Ghostbuster. However, there were some flaws.

1. The length. I played on the easiest setting, sure. Still only took me 8 hours total to beat the storyline. The shortness of this game made me sad, as I really wanted MORE story. It was fun beating up on the Staff Puff Marshmellow man, and the Librarian though.

2. Some of the Fights. I am not the best “run and gun” gamer, but for the most part I had no issue with the fights in this game…save for a few. There was a Library God boss who was SUPER cheap. Touching him would cause damage, and he would general body slam and then stand on you so each time you stood you would get knocked back down and damaged. He would do this constantly. Also, some of the bosses were WAY too easy! The Slor for example. So easy to avoid and hit and beat. Most of the time the fights were well balanced. OH! There was this scene in the last level, involving stone angels that have to be smashed to defeat. You have to smash them INTO a gate to break the gate. Problem? They fly, swarm, and focus on you first. Your team mate (Ray) is not the best at the smashing part, and will try to ress you if you get knocked out. What happens? They swarm him. Took me 3 tries to finally beat that blasted fight.

3. Bugs. I only encountered one, where Ray got stuck in a tree and wouldnt move. I had to restart to get him moved.

4. The save system. YOU CANNOT MANUALLY SAVE! Its all checkpoint based, and it NEVER indicates when you have reached a checkpoint! I never know where my saves are.

All in all this game is a solid rental, but I wouldn’t spend my hard earned cash on it, unless you want to play Multiplayer. Which to be honest is not why I got the game. I give it 3.5 / 5

Now, on to…Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.


If that doesn’t explain my feelings, let me elaborate. Basically, this movie is nothing more then low brow humour, dick jokes, sexual jokes, and racial jokes. For example: (SPOILERS!) in the first 20 minutes of the movie you witness 2 dogs humping 3 times. Also, you witness a kitchen appliance turn into a robot with a cannon attached to his crotch, which he THRUSTS FORWARD to fire. Also, later on, Devestator is shown to have a pair of ROBO BALLS, made out of Wrecking balls. In case you miss said balls John Tuturro is standing underneath them and actually says “I am underneath the enemies SCROTUM”. Really. DID YOU HAVE TO FUCKING POINT THAT OUT?!

Then there are the twin Autobots, who get an OBSCENE amount of airtime. Mudflap and some other one. They are supposed to obviously be ghetto black analouges, complete with one having buck teeth, one of which being GOLD. They even say at once point “We gonna put a cap in yo ass”. Seriously. I felt DIRTY after watching this.

Then there is the crazy amount of comedy relief characters. I think Spoony of the Spoony Experiment counted 13 total different characters, and I agree with that number. Seriously, its like EVERY OTHER CHARACTER Beyond the autobots and Sam are there for stupid jokes. And lets not forget Sam. That boy is an idiot! And of course he goes to ROBOT HEAVEN. Thats right, he dies, is sent to Robot Heaven to meet the other primes, and then COMES BACK TO LIFE.

I was seriously rooting for the Decepticons in this movie.

The other autobots barely get any screentime. We have a trio of Motorcycle bots, who are seen twice. We get Ironhide, who actually SPEAKS. We got a dude with a pair of arm blades who is seen twice and speaks once. I could barely tell who was what beyond Prime, the twins, Bumblebee, and Megatron and Starscream. Seriously, they all look alike.

I honestly came out of the movie feeling dirty, cheated out of my $5, and wanting those 2 and a half hours of my life BACK. I give this a 1 / 5. Oh, and lets not forget the shot of John Tuturro in a speedo, both back AND FRONT IN THE CENTER OF THE DAMN MOVIE SCREEN I DID NOT WANT TO SEE THAT DUDES PACKAGE WTF MAN!

Things my friends…THINGS

Firstly, I wanted to do a quickie update. I have started playing Warmachine, and started a blog devoted to my journey into the world of Warmachine/Hordes and miniatures gaming in general. You can view it here –

Also, I am going to try to do more updates more often. I am crazy busy with work lately, and World of Warcraft, and gaming in general. I recently played the Ghostbusters game on the XBox, so I am going to write a review on that game. Also, I wanted to do a review on Transformers 2 the Movie. That will probebly be a video review, I don’t know.

Finally, I am wanting to revamp my site. I am really not an angry gamer anymore. Not really. But I am still a true gamer in every sense of the word. I am probebly gonna remove a few of the links on the side bar, and redo the layout. Not sure what I can do. I am hoping to do get someone to do a nice logo for my site (Any fans out there think you can do it? HINT HINT?)

Overall, things are in the works. Also, I started my newest “Lets Play” of Lands of Lore the Throne of Chaos, which you can find on my youtube page and will be linked here.

Learning to Paint

So this evening I went up to my Friendly Local Gaming Store (see Sidebar!) and chatted with some of my fellow gamers. I watched as one man, named Matt, got himself a whole bunch more Khador and Mercs (joy, I am doomed when I face him again) and also talked a bunch of 4th Ed stuff.

Amidst this however was one of the store employee’s (whose name escapes me) painting some Ork Nobs in Power armor. He is very good at painting, in my opinion. And he took the time to teach me a few things when I asked.

He explained primarily how to highlight and how to wash, and also how to get more depth out of the paint. So hopefully soon I will be able to TEST these techs. Once I do I will be sure to share my success (or failures)

The Start of my Adventure

So, the name is Clayton. If you came from one of my other blogs, then welcome. If you found this place from somewhere else, then welcome still! Who am I you might be asking?

I am a gamer. For a long time I played video games primarily and some D&D. However, about 10 years ago I wanted to get into miniature games and tried my hand at 40k. I did not enjoy it (mainly the painting aspect) and I gave up. A few years later I tried Warhammer Fantasy, and once again the painting and sheer amount of mini’s needed turned me away.

Then, about a year ago, I heard about Warmachine. I looked into it and really got into the fluff. It took me getting a new job and being financially secure before I was willing to try my hand at it. This happened about 3 weeks ago.

So I bit the bullet, went to my Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) and got myself a Cygnar Battlebox. I played a game 2 days later and now I am hooked.

I have since played 2 other games against the same guy as my first, and have added a Squire to my force.

I also decided to start this blog, here, to detail my adventures with painting, collecting, and playing the game Warmachine, and eventually Hordes. I dig the Trollbloods of Hordes you see. So I hope you enjoy your stay here! See ya later.

Oh, and say hello to my current family:

From Left to Right: Commander Stryker, Lancer, Ironclad (PURPLE!), Charger, Squire