Trolls: First Impressions

So let me sum this whole post up in a few words, for those who are lazy. I love em.

Want further details? Great! So, I got my trolls and today went to my FLGS and had a few matches. Specifically I was facing a player who just started Circle. He had played Menoth previously, and also Trolls, but was giving up Trolls because they are very similar in playstyle to Menoth. Good for me because I can get KSB, Champs, a Stone Scribe Chronicler, and Fel Caller for my army (500 points with that yea!)

So, our first match was battle box vs battle box. Trolls vs Circle. The highlights were him trying to slam my Axer back into Madrak. When this failed, he explained he was going to do that, then Spirit Door Kaya in to whack me, using his feat to get a crap ton of fury after burning it for even MORE attacks. He ended up doing this anyway, but with Madrak actually standing up it was hard. He ended up using a total of 9 attacks, hit a few times but only managed to deal 5 points of damage. My Impalers then speared Kaya to death.

Score 1 for the Trolls. The toughness had me happy, but I wanted to see more. So, the next game I borrowed another Trollblood players KSB, Champs, Chronicler, and Caller. The same stuff that the gent I was playing is trying to get rid of. PERFECT. I could test em out!

This match was brutal. He was using Megalith, Baulder, a Worldwyrd (the shooty thing) and a Worldwarden (the little light one from prime) along with Alligators, Wrong Eye, and Snap Jaw. Those Gatormen are BRUTAL. They tore into my Champs, and the Champ leader actually saved on his Tough roll 3 times before finally dying. Thank god for Sure Foot and the Armor aura. The game winner once again was Trolls, and here is how it went down.

The map we were playing on had a river right through the middle. So I couldn’t charge. Baulder also had 2 fury, to transfer. First I had 1 Impaler throw a spear, hitting and dealing 5 to Baulder. He did not transfer this. The second Impaler threw his spear, hit and did 5 again. He transferred this to Megalith. I then ended up using Madrak to cast the Impaler animus on himself, taking a hit from the Wyrd (stupid arcane counter) and taking 5 damage. This gave me enough range to throw my axe at Baudler, who STILL had 1 Fury on him. I was praying for the crit, so I boosted my hit roll…AND GOT THE CRIT! He couldn’t transfer now. I then rolled and boosted damage, reaching 17 total, and his armor simply removed 1 damage. Dealing 16 points and killing Baulder.

Game 2: Trolls baby!

We ended up playing 1 more 500 point game, this time I took my Cygnar out for a spin. The gaming gods decreed that NO. I will not play Cygnar, and I lost. Given that my first 2 games of Trolls were wins, including an amazing lucky crit + nearly max damage on a throw, I have fallee in love.

The Trolls are getting beefed up this Saturday. Gonna add the stuff listed above and hit 500 points, and get some practice with those. I do like the Champs, and I gotta get the hang of using the Chronicler. He didn’t do a whole lot, and I only got the 2nd story.


Meet the Family

I would like you all to meet the new family, da Trolls!

Thats Uncle Madrak, the twins Eleron and Darlon, and the axer known only as Grok! Yes I have given them names. Why? Because I CAN. Monday, since I am on Vacation, I am getting to go to my FLGS for Warmachine and Hordes night! They do this every Monday but normally I cannot attend because I work till 9pm which is when they close (BOO!) However, this time around I can actually show up, and I already got a game setup for my new trolls.

Even better, this guy has some trolls he is trying to get rid of. To be exact: Champs, Fel Caller, and KSB. Now I am not going to purchase them just yet. I want to make sure I like the faction on the table. I already LOVE the fluff behind these guys. I love the backstory of the characters and whatnot. Makes me smile. But I want to make sure I love the style (I believe I will).

So what he is going to do is bring his Trolls and let me USE THEM against him! I can TEST THE BRICK and the units and everything! Which is awesome. Totally awesome.

I am STOKED people! :D

The Start of it All! And a Few Painting Questions

I figured a picture says a thousand words so… here ya go!

Ok now on the actual questions. How on earth should I paint these bad boys? I have no experience really painting flesh. I have only done a single Orc Warboss 3 years ago and used the dipping method to get shading and whatnot. So what kind of tips can you all give me for actually painting these guys? What colors would I need if I wanted to go with a classic skin tone? What kind of wash if any should I use?

The painting noob needs help here guys!

A New Start and Thanks

Ok first of all I want to thank the people who weighed in so far on my previous post, Realizations and Headaches. I really appreciate the suggestions, and am looking to get rid of my Cygnar stuff on Bartertown, which is really cool.

I have decided to go ahead and get JUST a Warpack/Battle Box of Troll Bloods, and get some practice in with that. I hate proxying (always have, even back in the days when I played Magic the Gathering) and Troll Bloods seem to be a nice solid group. I play to have fun, not to be competative. If I am competative, then great! I will still go into Tournaments and whatnot even with a low tier force.

So, starting Sunday, I will be Troll Bloodin it up. I am waiting till Sunday to make SURE that I want these guys. I keep reading the offical forums, reading about the tactics, and looking at the mini’s and whatnot I cannot help but be stoked at getting em. I will admit yet again that my initial enthusiam was about the game in general, and not my faction. This time, its the other way around. I know I like the game. I enjoy it, I have played a few games and gotten a basic feel, and have learned quickly. And I believe I am ready to really get into it.

So my previous painting pledge is pretty much null and void. I doubt I will get to 750 points in time for that tournament, which is fine. It doesn’t matter. I am gonna take my time, and do this right this time around.

Besides, if I get the battle box and decide I don’t like Trollbloods, then oh well! Its not like it was a huge investment! To be honest however, the only other faction that comes CLOSE to making me want to play is PoM. And they are really a second choice.

Realizations and Headaches

So, I have come to a realization today, and it makes me feel really stupid. Let me explain why

I am not a huge fan of Cygnar. Yup, I said it. Their fluff is cool and I like the jack design, but to be honest I am just not…feeling em. The play style is not really my thing, and with Mark 2 rules coming out I feel really iffy about purchasing more stuff. Especially since my favorite caster right now, Darius, is getting a hefty change. Compound this with the fact that the only thing I really like about Cygnar ARE the jacks (Sorry Long Gunners and Trenchers but you guys are butt ugly) I am left with a quandary. I will admit it, Cygnar was not my first choice. Originally I wanted to play Khador. Their melee prowess and the design of the jacks really spoke to me. However, I really wanted to just PLAY THE GAME so I went with my second choice which was Cygnar.

To be fair, I had not even LOOKED at Hordes at the time. I really wish now, roughly a month and a half later, that I had. If I had, I would have found the Trollbloods. So now I am stuck with this: I have spent roughly $200 on getting Cygnar stuff. And after playing a few games now I am not finding their “signature” units to my liking. The trenchers are not my style. Long Gunners are nice, but once again not my style. The gun mages do not interest me. The Black 13th don’t. Really its just the jacks and Darius, and a few of the melee units (I do have a soft spot for lightning) that interest me.

I have no one to blame but myself to be honest. I should have done what I am doing now, and that is research. HEAVY research. So now I am sitting here with 750 points of stuff that I am really not wanting to play right now, partly because I don’t like the units, and partly because of the impending Mk 2. And I am left wanting…TROLLS. Why Trolls? Synergy baby. Synergy. Reading about the warlocks and the units and such has got me very interested. Furthermore, the Mk2 stuff for Hordes, while on the way, is not due out till after Warmachine. Further STILL Trolls have a good supply of heavy hitting melee units who, while not tough, allow for some fun combos. I also really dig the look of the minis. Mulg the Ancient being the one that got me looking into them in the first place. Then I read about Calandra and Horluck, and Madrak. The Trollkin Champs, the Drunken Warlock (I forget his name) and a few others.

So I am in a quandary. Do I keep playing Cygnar, spending money to build the force I want and hoping they grow on me? Do I start Trollbloods, and wait for MK2 to come around before starting back up with Cygnar? I do know one thing for sure. I am not going to abandon the Boys in Blue. I spent too much on them already. But, after doing the research I should have done BEFORE buying anything (I am not a patient man normally) I am fairly sure I want to play the Trolls.

What do you all think? I submit myself to your wisdom. I bow before your combined might. One thing I will say: Money is not a huge concern. Despite the economy I live well within my means. So while I spent the $200 on the Cygnar (and am not happy about it) I am not too concerned about picking up Trolls OR Finishing off Cygnar. And for those who want to point out the amount of games I have played: I have read a lot of strategy about Mk1 Cygnar between the games, and spoken to several Cygnar players at my FLGS. The more I talk about em the less interested I become.


So I picked up Prototype over the weekend. Let me just say this. Thus far the game is CRAZY FUN. There is just something about bouncing all over a city and randomly absorbing people and becoming them.

If you have not played this give it a shot. I will do a more in depth review once I am done, but for now, its an awesome game.

My Personal Painting Challenge: THE OATH

So, my FLGS is holding a Steamroller mixed Hordes and Warmachine tournament on September 5th. I want to participate, and fully intend to get the day off from work and show up ready to roll. Its a 750 point tourney, and I got the list to use.

However, I am not the best painter. Sure, I got my Purple Ironclad, and now thanks to the purchase I made I got a few other painted guys (namely a Centurion). I want to have my force painted before the 5th and I am pretty sure I can do it.

Here is what I need to paint:
Ol’ Rowdy (I have to purchase him, but he is replacing my Defender)
10 Long Gunners
Halfjacks (3)
Ironclad (Finish)

Thats assuming I don’t get the stuff to make my OTHER 750 list. Right now, this is what I am going to work with for this 750:

Army: Boy and Jacks AlternateFaction: CygnarArmy Points: 744/750Victory Points: 21

Captain E. Dominic Darius    
Ol' Rowdy    
Long Gunners (10)
Trenchers (10)    
Trencher Grenade Porter    
Trencher Officer and Sharpshooter

I don’t intend to paint the Trenchers right now. They are already kinda painted, and frankly I am not a fan of them. Too expensive and not very tough, and don’t fit MY personal playstyle.

However, if I am able to pull it off I intend to purchase the following:

Ol’ Rowdy (This is happening in a week, so this is a “for sure”)
10 Sword Knights + UA
Long Gunner UA
Stormsmiths (2)
Journeyman Warcaster

Which, if I am able to get them all, will give me the following list to use on the Tourney:

Army: A Boy and his JacksFaction: CygnarArmy Points: 749/750Victory Points: 25

Captain E. Dominic Darius    
Ol' Rowdy    
Journeyman Warcaster
Long Gunners (10)    
Long Gunner Officer and Standard Bearer
Sword Knights (10)    
Sword Knight Officer and Standard Bearer

I would totally prefer that list, but we shall have to see whats in the cards.

Now for my Oath: I WILL HAVE MY ARMY PAINTED (save for Trenchers) by the 5th of September. For me, this is a huge deal. I tend to not be focused on this sort of thing but I am going to do my best. I need to pick up a few things though: a gold metallic, and a black wash. I think I can nab those along with Rowdy.