Current Plans!

So, I figured I would lay out my “current plans” for my forces. Right now, I have pStryker, an Ironclad, Charger, and Lancer, and a squire. Now, I want to go and get to 500 points fairly quickly, so I can play in League play at my FLGS.

Army: Special ForcesFaction: CygnarArmy Points: 500/500Victory Points: 18

Commander Coleman Stryker     
Journeyman Warcaster
Long Gunners (10)
Precursor Knights (6)     
Precursor Knight Officer and Standard Bearer

I figured that I can put the Long Gunners behind the Knights, and use the knights as a screen. With the UA for the Knights, they get Kneel and my units can fire through them. I am pretty sure this is a solid list, but I am having issues expanding it to 750. I also wanted to try Darius, the Jack Buddy but I am not sure I am even ready for such a person.

Also, I wanted to start a Hordes (Trollbloods) force, but I am not sure if I should get my 500 points of Cygnar first, or get the Trollbloods starter to see if I prefer the Hordes mechanics.

Decisions decisions.


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