Halp! List Building 101

So, my FLGS has an employee who was getting rid of a bunch of extra Cygnar stuff and I jumped on it. For $150 I am getting the following:


Maxwell Finn

Trencher Chain Gun Crew
Trencher Grenade porter
Trencher Sharpshooter and Officer
Long Gunners(10)


Now, I am adding this to my pStryker, Lancer, Charger, Ironclad, and Squire. Now, I want to build a 750point list, and I want to use Darius as my caster as I am fascinated with Jacks and figured I should go with a jack buddy caster. My only issue is what to include. I figure I should use my Ironclad, the Centurion, the Defender, and Squire for sure, and the Long Gunners. Possibly use the Lancer as well, and throw the Trenchers in.

Anyone out there got a suggestion? Like what about the Solo? Do I need a different solo? Would it be easier to build a 500 point list around these forces?

I would not mind going 500.


After some thought, here is what I came up with given what I have to work with:

Army: A Boy and his Jacks
Faction: Cygnar
Army Points: 745/750
Victory Points: 20

Captain E. Dominic Darius

* Centurion
* Defender
* Ironclad
* Squire

Long Gunners (10)
Trenchers (10)

* Trencher Grenade Porter
* Trencher Officer and Sharpshooter


2 thoughts on “Halp! List Building 101

  1. Barrett Young

    Welcome to the game. Found your site through other blogs Kevin follows.I've been playing Cygnar for a year now. I also have Gorten (Merc) but haven't played him yet.I don't play trenchers, so I can't give you much help there, but one of the strengths of Cygnar is our solos. GMCA (x2 in MkII), Stormsmiths (at least 1), and the Journeyman find their ways into almost all my games. I've also been playing Arlan, and he's been pretty good.You've got a good group of jacks so far. Centurion is my buddy. In MkI, he was an auto-include. He's still good in MkII, though he is trickier. I'd recommend picking up a melee unit though, because the Cent will get swamped by a 10 man unit + UA.Game development strategy for you: Play one caster for 8-10 games before moving on to another one. You have a lot of variety already, but you need to get the basics down with each one. I know it's painful, but it'll pay off. Play a lot of little games (350/15-25).Stay away from flashy units/solos for now. You don't need the Black 13th or Aiyanna & Holt until you get solid with the fundamentals.Good luck! I've added you to my blogroll and will check in periodically.


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