League Games!

Ok, so yesterday I had my first two league games. The first was against Khador, and the second Skorne.

I remember that the first was the mission Death Valley, which heavily restricted our working area. We had to capture 2 of 3 points, and it was a rough match. I used my list from my last post (Darius, 3 jacks, Long Gunners, and Trenchers) and my opponent went Troops / Solo heavy.

I learned a couple of things on my 4th game. 1st I learned I CAN TRAMPLE! Trample, plus a Full Throttled Centurion with Jackhammer = PAIN. That trample alone took out like 6 Iron Fang Pikeman. In fact, the Cent was my MVP. In the first round he took out an Ogrun Bokur and Yuri (that solo Manhunter) It was awesome. All hail Jackhammer!

The second game I got a quick and dirty on how Hordes work. We played Monsters! as our scenario, which involves each of us choosing a jack/beast per caster to be a MONSTER. Only Monsters can effect other monsters you see. So we each had 1 caster, so we choose our dudes. I picked my Cent, him being my toughest guy.

This game I could have won. I COULD HAVE WON. I learned I hate Skorne cats (crazy jumping freaks) and also that Warbeasts are easy to hit but have a crap ton of HP. So what basically happened is me and his monster got into a brawl, he ALMOST took out 3 of my Cents systems which would have knocked him out (I mean I had 2 cortex boxes and also 1 movement box) and my Ironclad and Defender were pretty much out. So, I got my halfjacks up to my dudes and feated, and my opponent went “WTF! CRAP!” and then had I put focus on my Cent, I would have torn his beast apart with extra attacks and Jackhammer procs.

Ah well, live and learn. All in all I had a blast. I realized I am not liking the trenchers too much, but I need to play some more with them before I say ya or nay. Same with Long Gunners. I also realized that in MK1 Full Throttle is amazing!


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