Warmachine in Vassal

So I decided to give this a try. If any of you play this and want to mess around, give me a shout!

Vassal is an online board game system that is customizable. I figure this would actually give me a way to test my lists against other players before purchasing minis, thus allowing me to setup for the perfect game :O


2 thoughts on “Warmachine in Vassal

  1. Z

    My only issue is that the game takes a long time, and I'm more of a faster player. Maybe it was just my opponent. Do you guys think it takes too long?Z


  2. losthemisphere

    Vassal's an excellent tool for testing. No replacement for a live game, but it allows for a worldwide base of opponents, you're not restricted by the models you actually own, and you can play at any hour of the day (presuming you can find an opponent).


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