Choosing a Second Faction and List Stuff

So, I have been playing for about a month now (I got my Cygnar before I started this blog) and I have been thinking about a second faction.

Alot of people HAVE second factions. I have pretty much narrowed my choices down to the following: Trollbloods, and Protectorate of Menoth.

With the Trollbloods, I get a Horde faction which does play differently then Warmachine. I also get a very different army from Cygnar, and also some awesome looking minis (Mulg the Ancient I am looking at YOU!)

With Menoth, I get a slew of awesome minis, and also a cool fluff story. I have a soft spot for religious fanatics.

I just cannot decide. Anyone got any suggestions? Thoughts?

A new List:

Also, I have been doing some thinking and want to change my list for 750 up a bit. I got the following idea:

Army: A Boy and his JacksFaction: CygnarArmy Points: 749/750Victory Points: 25

Captain E. Dominic Darius     
Ol' Rowdy     
Journeyman Warcaster
Long Gunners (10)     
Long Gunner Officer and Standard Bearer
Sword Knights (10)     
Sword Knight Officer and Standard Bearer

This gives me some melee backup, a source of Arcane Shield, and my Stormsmiths for blasting the crap outta stuff. Also, I get Ol Rowdy who should be a BEAST with Jackhammer and Full Throttle.


7 thoughts on “Choosing a Second Faction and List Stuff

  1. Aslain Kheog

    As someone who has both and considers them his main factions I don't think you can go wrong with either Trolls or PoM. Both have a fun synergistic undertone that has the whole the sum is better than the parts style of play that I personally find amusing. Neither is the easiest to pick up and play with out a little practice but both can be a blast to play. Realistially I'd say it's going to come down to a choice of which system you'd delve into or expand. If you want to experiment with Hordes and the Fury mechanic go Trolls if you don't feel up to it yet PoM is a good choice.Also as someone who has multiple factions they are right some will sit while others are active but with me that just means I always have something to fall back to when a faction is feeling to stagnat and starting to get old. Now I would not recomend going more than two this early though… two gives you a less one sided perspecive and it allows you to convert the occational friend to your new hobby with little to no initial investment on their part.As far as Mercs… they are not a faction I ever recomend to new players just getting into the game. The lists are more restritive and in many cases you need to buy more unique models more often to field different types of lists… the Prime and Primal factions give you much more options with smaller dollar input.


  2. Clayton

    I am leaning more towards the Trollbloods then Menoth to be honest.Also, the UA for swordknights let them do more damage to jacks and beasts.


  3. Barrett

    As far as your 750 list goes, you're on the right track. You've got three beast melee jacks (though the IC seems redundant with Ol Rowdy) and a great unit to accompany them. Don't hold them in reserve. They are only worth it when working with a Jack (Esp. Cent with his 2" reach). I'm planning on picking up the Swordknights when I can, and the jacks are better in melee in MkII. Then, you have the LGs shooting them to soften up. I never cared too much for the LG UA, but I'm using him more now in MkII. And I can't remember what benefit the SK UA gives, but unless you're planning on jack marshaling, you probably could use the points elsewhere.


  4. Barrett

    First off, I'd say "Slow down, crazy!" You've only been playing a month and you're already looking at two other factions? Ok, I had to say that.Honestly though, I would recommend waiting on a second, especially getting into Hordes. You've only played a handful of games and still have a ways to go to get used to the mechanic. You're also looking at expanding your Cygnar at the same time, so unless you've got money to blow, it's going to hurt to build forces x2. It almost sounds like you reluctantly started with Cygnar. If this is the case, buy a couple other battleboxes (or proxy them or play on Vassal), figure out a faction you like, and stick with it a bit. If you want the flexibility of another faction, I'd recommend going with some mercs. That way, you can use them with your Cygnar to build a bigger army. My friend plays Menoth and has some Pirates, I play Cygnar and have the Gorten battlebox. The truth I've seen is that not many people can sustain two factions. Typically, a Hordes faction and a WM faction can be done since they're different. But most people who have two factions for the same mechanic end up favoring one and shelving the other (the exception being a small Merc force that contributes solos to your main faction). And metal makes expensive bookends.But if you're gonna get a second force, I have to chastise you for thinking Menoth as a Cygnaran. Morrow would be so displeased, and I'm not sure Menoth can tolerate split loyalties.I'm personally looking at Skorne and Legion for my Hordes faction (though I'm waiting for the MkII field test). I just don't like the look of many of the Troll warbeasts.


  5. Wendell Hicken

    I'd definitely recommend Trolls for your second faction – Hordes has a different feel which you won't get with just the Protectorate. Go Beasts!


  6. losthemisphere

    I play Menoth, and I've started Trolls.On the one hand, Menoth offers a completely different play experience, while maintaining the familiarity of the focus mechanic.On the other hand, Trolls offer a completely different play experience, while requiring adjustment to the fury mechanic.In the end, both have awesome models…


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