Realizations and Headaches

So, I have come to a realization today, and it makes me feel really stupid. Let me explain why

I am not a huge fan of Cygnar. Yup, I said it. Their fluff is cool and I like the jack design, but to be honest I am just not…feeling em. The play style is not really my thing, and with Mark 2 rules coming out I feel really iffy about purchasing more stuff. Especially since my favorite caster right now, Darius, is getting a hefty change. Compound this with the fact that the only thing I really like about Cygnar ARE the jacks (Sorry Long Gunners and Trenchers but you guys are butt ugly) I am left with a quandary. I will admit it, Cygnar was not my first choice. Originally I wanted to play Khador. Their melee prowess and the design of the jacks really spoke to me. However, I really wanted to just PLAY THE GAME so I went with my second choice which was Cygnar.

To be fair, I had not even LOOKED at Hordes at the time. I really wish now, roughly a month and a half later, that I had. If I had, I would have found the Trollbloods. So now I am stuck with this: I have spent roughly $200 on getting Cygnar stuff. And after playing a few games now I am not finding their “signature” units to my liking. The trenchers are not my style. Long Gunners are nice, but once again not my style. The gun mages do not interest me. The Black 13th don’t. Really its just the jacks and Darius, and a few of the melee units (I do have a soft spot for lightning) that interest me.

I have no one to blame but myself to be honest. I should have done what I am doing now, and that is research. HEAVY research. So now I am sitting here with 750 points of stuff that I am really not wanting to play right now, partly because I don’t like the units, and partly because of the impending Mk 2. And I am left wanting…TROLLS. Why Trolls? Synergy baby. Synergy. Reading about the warlocks and the units and such has got me very interested. Furthermore, the Mk2 stuff for Hordes, while on the way, is not due out till after Warmachine. Further STILL Trolls have a good supply of heavy hitting melee units who, while not tough, allow for some fun combos. I also really dig the look of the minis. Mulg the Ancient being the one that got me looking into them in the first place. Then I read about Calandra and Horluck, and Madrak. The Trollkin Champs, the Drunken Warlock (I forget his name) and a few others.

So I am in a quandary. Do I keep playing Cygnar, spending money to build the force I want and hoping they grow on me? Do I start Trollbloods, and wait for MK2 to come around before starting back up with Cygnar? I do know one thing for sure. I am not going to abandon the Boys in Blue. I spent too much on them already. But, after doing the research I should have done BEFORE buying anything (I am not a patient man normally) I am fairly sure I want to play the Trolls.

What do you all think? I submit myself to your wisdom. I bow before your combined might. One thing I will say: Money is not a huge concern. Despite the economy I live well within my means. So while I spent the $200 on the Cygnar (and am not happy about it) I am not too concerned about picking up Trolls OR Finishing off Cygnar. And for those who want to point out the amount of games I have played: I have read a lot of strategy about Mk1 Cygnar between the games, and spoken to several Cygnar players at my FLGS. The more I talk about em the less interested I become.


5 thoughts on “Realizations and Headaches

  1. 45caliberidea

    Ditch them on bartertown and play what you like. You'll find them a lot easier to paint too if you really like them.And yeah – try out all the factions by either borrowing or proxying. It's the only way to get a good taste of the faction before you commit. Good luck!–Norbert


  2. Barrett

    Definitely borrow. Or use the MkII cards for WM or the books for Hordes and start proxying. I'd start by proxying the warpacks/battleboxes, then build up from there.


  3. Dominik

    I echo the chorus and say, ditch the army you don't enjoy. While 200$ is no spare change, it isn't the end of the world either.But this time, before you decide, borrow some miniatures and actually try the faction out you THINK you will like.


  4. losthemisphere

    In the grand scheme of things, $200 isn't a huge amount to have invested. It's significant, but it's not like you have 2000pts+ worth of models demanding your attention.If you're not enjoying the army, ditch it. Games are supposed to be fun, after all.You can look on Bartertown or elsewhere to trade the Cygnar for something else, or you can even just keep them around in case you'd like to come back to them at a future date.I'd rather see you potentially lose some of your investment and switch to an army you actually enjoy, than see you keep playing with an army you don't like until you lose all interest in the game.


  5. Barrett

    I think it's good you came to this realization now. I was kinda in the same situation. I bought my Cygnar from a friend before I knew anything about the other factions. He was primarily Menoth, but purchased 350 pts in Cygnar. Since I had just started and was eager to get playing, I said I'd buy them from him. A few months ago, before MkII came out, I realized that I probably would have bought Khador as my first faction as well. Unlike you, however, I was actually drawn back to Cygnar because of their range units, in addition to the melee jacks.I think you should put them on hold, especially if money is no object. You shouldn't play a faction you don't like and think it'll grow on you, because you won't want to paint, you won't want to buy and you won't want to play. For now, I'd say keep them. You may come to like them some day (Cryx are starting to grow on me, even though I never thought I'd like them). If you decide to get rid of them though, I know a Cygnar player who might want to take some of your hands… :)


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