Meet the Family

I would like you all to meet the new family, da Trolls!

Thats Uncle Madrak, the twins Eleron and Darlon, and the axer known only as Grok! Yes I have given them names. Why? Because I CAN. Monday, since I am on Vacation, I am getting to go to my FLGS for Warmachine and Hordes night! They do this every Monday but normally I cannot attend because I work till 9pm which is when they close (BOO!) However, this time around I can actually show up, and I already got a game setup for my new trolls.

Even better, this guy has some trolls he is trying to get rid of. To be exact: Champs, Fel Caller, and KSB. Now I am not going to purchase them just yet. I want to make sure I like the faction on the table. I already LOVE the fluff behind these guys. I love the backstory of the characters and whatnot. Makes me smile. But I want to make sure I love the style (I believe I will).

So what he is going to do is bring his Trolls and let me USE THEM against him! I can TEST THE BRICK and the units and everything! Which is awesome. Totally awesome.

I am STOKED people! :D


2 thoughts on “Meet the Family

  1. Barrett

    Thanks for the Defender and Chargers on Bartertown. I just checked out the PP front page and saw the Fennblades. Those are some sweet looking models! I have model envy.


  2. yogjoshoth

    Awesome, I love that they look like they can take a punch and shrug it off. I was on the fence about Trollblood and Circle when I started and went with Circle due to initial cost. Kind of wished I'd have gone with Trolls, but I'm definitely going to invest in them once some disposable income slides my way. Good luck Monday, anxious to hear how your Trolls treat you.


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