Theme Lists!

So apparently in MKII there will be theme lists. I have seen a few theme lists already created over at House Shyeel (home of the Filthy Elves!) hehe. So from what I understand each warcaster or warlock will have a theme list that you can use to “break” certain rules or gain special benefits.

Now I myself am PUMPED by this. Why? Cause I love building theme lists. Now being able to actually pick a caster and get a benefit by going with a theme is going to be EXTRA Awesome.

So what kind of theme lists do you want to see? Right now I dont have a lot to go on, having only played Madrak but I see his list being very Champion or Kriel Warrior heavy (Given his feat and general playstyle).



Silence…is not golden.

So I know I have not updated in a long while since obtaining my trolls. Sadly I have been insanely busy at work with some changes that are happening, and have not had a chance to even play again. This of course makes me sad.

Furthermore I was and still am testing Champions Online, which is a new MMO coming out September 1st. I was in the closed beta and now its the Open Beta so thats going along as well. Finally, me the wife our roomate and our friend are trying to find a bigger place to move into come Feb 2010.

I have a unit of Champions now, a unit of KSB (Kriel Stone Bearers), a Fel Caller, and a Chronicler to put together still. I got those a few weeks ago and just have not had a chance to get them together. So many things to do and only so much time to do them in. Hopefully soon I can get them put together.

Then comes the task of PAINTING all this metal. That just may have to wait. Hopefully I can get this together for the next league so I can get some games in.


So, Blizzcon is upon us now. I subscribed to the web stream myself, and last night when I got home I watched the opening ceremony and the WoW preview panel. They announced, of course, the next WoW Expansion which is Cataclysm. So lets talk about what we know so far!

1. Revamped Azeroth – This has me interested greatly. Azeroth in and of itself has gotten stale for me. Boring. I know all the quests, I know all the zones. The hidden stuff. Playing for nearly 4 years will do that to ya. So I am interested to see how things are going to be “shook up”. Also they are redoing the quests and rewards, so that sounds interesting as well.
2. New Races – Ok now this has me going 0_o. Worgen? Really? I mean sure they are nice, I guess, but I still don’t really get it. It doesn’t make a whole lotta sense to be honest. Goblins are a little easier to understand simply because of the way gobbo society is setup, but its still a bit hard to swallow. I will play a Goblin though!
3. Race/Class Combos – Troll Druid. Tauren Paladin (HOLY COW!). Dwarf Shaman. Need I say more?
4. New Dungeons – Heroic SFK and Heroic Deadmines! Those sound entertaining!
5. Flight in Azeroth – This sounds boss. Plain and simple

I want to see more of the indepth panels tonight regarding classes and dungeons, but all in all its shaping up to be damn interesting. I really want to see if they can pull all this off. The new leveling up experience alone will be worth it I think. The only thing I don’t like are the whispers of Garrosh becoming Warchief and killing off Cairne. But I can deal I think if that is true.