Silence…is not golden.

So I know I have not updated in a long while since obtaining my trolls. Sadly I have been insanely busy at work with some changes that are happening, and have not had a chance to even play again. This of course makes me sad.

Furthermore I was and still am testing Champions Online, which is a new MMO coming out September 1st. I was in the closed beta and now its the Open Beta so thats going along as well. Finally, me the wife our roomate and our friend are trying to find a bigger place to move into come Feb 2010.

I have a unit of Champions now, a unit of KSB (Kriel Stone Bearers), a Fel Caller, and a Chronicler to put together still. I got those a few weeks ago and just have not had a chance to get them together. So many things to do and only so much time to do them in. Hopefully soon I can get them put together.

Then comes the task of PAINTING all this metal. That just may have to wait. Hopefully I can get this together for the next league so I can get some games in.


3 thoughts on “Silence…is not golden.

  1. Clayton

    I am thinking of a Purple scheme. I have no idea WHY I like purple but I think a dark/light purple combo for troll flesh will be nice. Maybe with a black and gold color scheme for their plaid bits.


  2. Dave

    Work and house-hunting can add up to a lot of stress, but it sounds like you at least have some time to chill with video games even if you haven't gotten to the store lately. Hopefully you'll find time soon!Any thoughts on how you're going to paint up the trolls yet color scheme-wise?


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