Snazzy New Look! Same Fresh Taste!

For those who actually visit my site/blog/whatever it is, you may notice that it looks different. Quite different. I found the template on a different site and tried my hand at putting it together. I think it looks nice.

The only thing its missing is a snazzy banner. My art skills being what they are (NONEXISTENT!) I have not made one.

Anyone feel like making me a nice banner? *hint hint nudge nudge*

In other news: I started playing WoW again (oh noes!) and am also planning on getting my champs and KSB together this Sunday. I would like it if a few of you could “get on my case” and make me do it :P Comment or something to remind me, if you would be so kind.

Otherwise I may put it off again 0_0

Also I am going to be adding a wish list soon to my page. Just a kinda “what I want” of trolls. If you all have any suggestions of what I should add please let me know. I also am going to add a wishlist for a mysterious second faction. While I have talked about eventually getting Menoth, I have recently begun thinking of other things. This is by no means me getting said faction NOW. Rather I want to wait till Mk2 before I actually decide, but I have been thinking.


6 thoughts on “Snazzy New Look! Same Fresh Taste!

  1. Clayton

    I was thinking of nabbing either Grissel or Grim as a second caster. Grissel + Long Riders could be fun (Hoof It on the first turn after they run!). Grim is a bit more shooty then I tend to play, but having 1 shooty guy in a group full of beatsticks may not be bad.Just not sure to be honest.


  2. Barrett

    Lol. Lucky guess on my part.As for expanding, a second caster really opens up a lot of options. Now that I got Darius from you, I have every non-Epic besides Kraye, so every game is a bit different. Still haven't played Darius though. Game nights are so irregular.Who are you thinking? Borka looks like fun (and has the coolest name), but I always recommend trying to go in order of release, so I'd fill out your Primal 'locks. But Hordes Cav has so much character and fits into the game.Did you decide to commission your minis? I can't bring myself to do it (rather buy more metal), but after that lot you sold me, the prospect of pulling them all out and taking an army picture has me itching to get them all up to a standard. Too bad class has restarted for me, so I have a ton of books to read. I wish I had the time I had in High School… *sigh


  3. Clayton

    No, its not going to be Angry Elves. And yes, ADHD I do actually have. Medically :P Used to take Ritalin and everything.I will reveal the second faction if and when I make a decision. As it stands now I want to really expand my Trolls. Been debating a second caster and maybe picking up some Long Riders or a Hero. No idea honestly.


  4. Barrett

    Man, Clayton, you've got ADHD! A second faction again?!? Lol. Mysterious second faction. dun dun duhhhhh. Please tell me it's not Retribution. >p


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