Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

So last week, the day it came out, I went and got myself a copy of MUA 2 (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). Lets talk about this newest Action RPG. Firstly, its light on the RPG part. You basically have no specific equipment for each character, but rather have a global inventory of “Boosts” which are like medals. You get more by both defeating signature foes, finding them on a map, or completing character specific objectives, like killing 5 guys with 1 non fusion special.

In general this doesn’t bother me too much but does feel dumbed down in the sense that I cannot specialize each person to play to their strengths. However, at the same time I have to be more strategic in what I choose for boosts because it effects the whole team. In my opinion its kinda wash here. For the other RPG elements, such as powers and whatnot, there is not alot of choice. Each character has 4 active powers, and then 4-8 Passives. Each passive has to be unlocked for alot of em, based on whether or not you choose Pro or Anti registration during the game. Thankfully when you play on New Game + (Legendary Difficulty) you keep the unlocked options it seems. I haven’t gotten to the choice though so I will let you all know bout that.

With 24 heroes there are alot of options. However, about 3-4 are locked out depending on your choice of sides when the time comes. Also, a few are unlocked by finding items strewn about maps. That personally bothers me. Thor, Hulk, and Jean Grey are 3 that I know are found with items. I got Thor, but not the others yet. Also, each hero has 1 single alternate coustume, and the touted 250+ Fusion special attacks (where 2 heroes team up in a big attack) are really just copies of each other. Thor + Deadpool and Penance + Deadpool = Big Whirlwind of Explosions. Same with Green Goblin + Thor ect. So really there are maybe 20ish different actual fusion animations.

Finally there is the story. Overall its ok. They took some liberties with the Civil War storyline, and Secret War by adding some strange nanite infection. Its kinda interesting.

Overall, I am rambling, but the game is at least a solid rental. I beat it in a grand total of 11 hours on the standard difficulty, and am not having any issues playing Legendary thus far. Hell, I only died 3 times while in the regular difficulty. The game is at best a party game.

3.5/5 is my score.


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