KSB Work in Progress

So I started trying my hand at painting. I have not really done much, it took me 30 minutes to do this and its not the best to be honest. But hey, I am actually trying!

Here is a shot of my Kriel Stone Bearer and 3 of his Scribes.

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Its not the best picture, I have yet to really figure out how to take em, but its the best I have done. The runes on the Stone are purple, and I am going to fix the blotch on one side (you can’t see it)

But yea, here it is!


5 thoughts on “KSB Work in Progress

  1. bluecardinal

    I'll give you one suggestion that helped me out a lot, GW Washes. These things will make your life a lot easier with shading and staining your metallics. If you can get some of these, they're well worth it.


  2. Clayton

    What I am afraid of doing are the Champs and my actual trolls. Along with Madrak and Grim. I am deathly afraid of messing them up. The KSB not so much.


  3. Barrett

    I don't envy you. I'm not looking forward to collecting my Legion army. I'd rather paint machines than flesh any day, especially animal flesh. I use to play Imperial Guard, Catachans specifically, so painting flesh is not something I enjoy.


  4. Anonymous

    Hang in there, brotha. IMHO, trolls are very difficult to paint. It's probably more important that you keep on painting. Thanks for bringing by the fresh blood last week-Chris


  5. Kerry

    Great job so far. Keep at it. And don't feel that you have to have a studio quality paint job on each model. You are getting some paint on them and having a good time doing it. And that is what matters. Looking forward to see how they turn out. Kerry


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