Grim vs Reznick 500

So I went up to the FLGS for the first night of our new CTA League. My friend John, the man who sold me my trolls, was up there waiting for me. Turns out he wanted to play against me, and wanted to bust out his Menoth. So it was 500 points. Reznik vs Grim.

Sadly I did not have a chance to take any pictures. We both kinda got caught up. I know we played the Gauntlet scenario, but it didn’t matter cause we both wanted to just kill the other. I know he had a Reckoner (the rocket dude), Choir, Devout, and one of the light arc nodes. He also had a Guardian, the big guy with the gun and the hammer. Oh and Cleansers.

I had my standard Grim, 2 Impalers, Axer, KSB +1, Fel Caller, Chronicler, Champs.

Some highlights:

I made, and this is the honest truth…16 total Tough Rolls. At one point John commented “Why on earth are you even thinking of starting another faction? The gods of the Trolls freakin LOVE you!” That they do.

Taking out his Arc Node in a single shot from Grim at max range. Dang I love that.

Him tricking me into killing a Cleanser with a free strike so it blew up in my face. It was a good move. I still made the tough rolls though heh.

And the kill: Reznik had feated, removing all my fury. I took my Grim and tethered Reznik, just in case this did not work. I then used 1 Impaler, who was behind a wall, to huck a spear. I prayed for a crit after boosting to hit, and got it. Reznik was DOWN. I then charged with the second Impaler, knowing that the melee would autohit. First attack left Reznik with 5 HP, I bought a second and boosted and did EXACTLY 5 damage, killing the priest.

That game was intense. Just the turn before my kill Reznik got into spell range and hit me twice with Perdition, dropping Grim to 2 HP. I knew I had one chance to win this, and I went for it.

I really feel the need for a Mauler though. I really do.


6 thoughts on “Grim vs Reznick 500

  1. Anonymous

    Hey guys, great game! I'm currently looking for a good group of people to play Hordes with. I'm over in Melbourne but willing to travel to Orlando. If you guys don't mind a Skorne/Khador player tagging along on the weekends, hit me up!-DominicEmail address is


  2. gdaybloke

    You need to learn your jacks ;)Rocket dude is the RedeemerNo Menite jacks have a hammer, though the Reckoner is a heavy with a gun and a big mace :PGratz on the win


  3. Galvin

    Hey man, good report! It was a fun game and very close good thing you have those dice gods looking over your shoulder.I look forward to a rematch!


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