The New Home

So here we are, part of WordPress now. I got convinced to shift here for a few reasons. My biggest one? Being able to reply directly to comments! God Blogger needs to add that. I have considered bringing all my blogs over to this system as it seems a wee bit more customizable. Also, Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere partially convinced me as well. Hopefully all my “fans” out there have found this. I already had the guys over at the Iron Agenda update my feed so if you read me there, you should be seeing this!

In other news: Tonight or tomorrow I am going to pick up my Swamp Gobbers and my Mauler to bring my Grim List to fruition. I may end up going up there tonight anyway to face the man known as John G again. He is the one whose Reznick list I beat. He apparently wants a rematch hehe. Sadly due to league rules if I do face him tonight it would not be a league match.

I also took out my Cygnar info out of the Win/Loss record. When I did this I realized that I have won every Troll match I have played save 1. Even if you take out the 2 wins again Dan (the new Circle Player) I still have 4 wins and 1 loss. I am doing well with Trolls!

Overall, its been a good couple of months. Hopefully I will continue to bring quality nonsense to the web here. Welcome everyone to the new IRON KINGDOM ADVENTURES!


One thought on “The New Home

  1. Dom

    Hey man, hope you’re all settled in with the new site. Make sure you get enough practice with your new army. I’m probably going to have to break down and purchase rhadeim this weekend! If I do you’ll be happy to know that he’ll be making his debute with you. Hmm, I have an idea for a new theme army, Ferox Regulators! Can you imagine 6 kitties on the table? Mmmmmmm

    I’ll shall name the leader Doug. And there was much rejoicing!



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