Sunday Madness

Or, how I added 2 more losses to my record :P  So, I took my Grim list out for its first spin and I think, overall, I did alright.  Switching out to a Mauler is something thats alot different then what I was doing before, and I have to get used to it.  I faced Dominic from Melbourne in 2 games today, both at 500.  The first was a scenario and the second was straight caster kill.  Sadly once again no pictures.  I will say this:

Game 1: He won based on Scenario.  This was a league game and of course his first for his “new” store hehe.  He ended up with 6 points for the victory.  We did Engines of Destruction, and he won by killing my Mauler on turn 3 and thus ending his turn being the only one in control.  Also, his cats (ferox) did not do a whole lot except split my forces.  Had I moved one of my other Impalers into range of the point I could have possibly survived.  Also, Ancestral Guardians are ROUGH.  Especially with Zaal.

Game 2: Straight up caster kill, he brought out Molik Karn, the Dragoon, ferox, and Mordikaar.  I dislike the abilites of mister Void seer.  He won by ghost sighting and then doing the spell that lets his units ignore everything and charged Grim with Molik.  Poor Grim exploded in a fine red mist.  I did kill the Dragoon, but once again those Cats hemmed Grim in with their reach.  It was not a good day for the trolls.

Dan got in 2 games as well.  He played Erik (the other new guy) who beat him at a 350 game (Dan using his Battlebox and Erik using a mix of stuff, which was not really fair).  Then Dan played against Dominic and nearly won.  I watched that game and Dan actually managed to knock Morghoul down, but could not roll high enough on his damage rolls.  Morghoul faired barely better and was only able to kill Kaya on his final attack, which was not boosted.  He had to do 10 damage, and rolled boxcars.  Had he failed, Dan’s Kaya and Warpwolf would have creamed Morghoul.

I ended up getting Calandra also.  It was an impulse buy as I needed to buy a drink and they have a $5 debit card minimum.  I used my discount card to get $10 off so it was not bad.  I have been wanting to test out the support caster for trolls for a while, but I am not sure if I have the forces to support her.  I think just switching Grim out could work but I am not sure.

Any suggestions about Calandra?  Or how to deal with Skorne in the future?


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