The Brutal Truth

So yesterday on Rocktober 13th I picked up Brutal Legend. I had this game on preorder for over 3 months and was happy to get ahold of it.

So overall, so far I have enjoyed the game, save for 1 thing. And that is what I want to talk about. The RTS elements. There is no reason for them to be in this game. In fact, they drive me nuts. The controls for them are very basic, I can’t really command things easily, and I have to be in a specific radius of my units to even COMMAND THEM! And some of the boss battles are in fact RTS fights. The concept behind the RTS stuff is interesting. You are basically having a “rock” battle with each person having a stage, and you have to capture Fan Nodes to generate fans to buy merch to fuel your unit purchases.

Sounds like fun right? Cept for the controls and the order system. Your units are insane, the computer is damn smart, and the fights take forever. My personal favorite is when you face *SPOILER* General Lionwyte. Its this huge multilevel palace where you have to fight your way up. If you didnt find a couple of “tabs” or spells to help you the fight would literally take forever. PROTIP – Explore the world. Seriously. You will find 2 spells that make these blasted RTS sequences easier by a bit. Then right after that fight is yet ANOTHER RTS FIGHT. ARG

I love the game, the enviroments, and the story. But god help me I HATE THE RTS STUFF. WHY IS IT HERE?! I bought this game to rock and to massacre enemies, not to sit there and go YOU GUYS GO THERE NO NOT THERE ARG YOU ARE BEING KILLED! *head desk*

I had to stop after that last one. God help me anytime I have to use the “unit controls” and you will, alot, I die a little inside.


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