Oh boy Christmas is coming Early!

They shipped!  I had placed the order back a few days ago, and they (Brun and Lug, Horthol, and the Elder) shipped today!  I am very excited actually as I want to try my hand at 750.

Also, a friend of mine is willing to sell me some Khador stuff if I want to get into that.  He has the Battle Box, Butcher, and a Kodiak and is willing to part with those for $38 bucks, which is more then worth it to me.  I am seriously considering that as I really want to play Khador in addition to my Trolls.


4 thoughts on “Oh boy Christmas is coming Early!

  1. Barrett Young

    You get them put together yet? I just got a great auction off BTown, so now I am a Legion player! It also included the Circle warpack. Too bad I’m still really into Cygnar (and have 4000 pts in unpainted models! O.o), because I’m really stoked for the Hordes Field Test and wanna get me some more dragons!


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